Monday, November 26, 2007

Gucci girl strikes back!

Remember when I told you that my friend, the diva Gucci girl is throwing a birthday bash last weekend? (check out my previous post) Well, Supergirlfriend went there and here are the juicy details!!! Heh heh heh heh... :p

Just as expected, the diva really made her party look sooooooooooooo extravagant that it actually looked like a wedding dinner!!!!! OMG!! Oh. And she had the entire restaurant booked which is located at a really really exclusive place.

She was all dressed up in a long, flowing evening gown! * 'kua cheong'! (so over the top!) and the setting was all romantic, dimly lit and lovey dovey. The "groom", my guypal was dressed in a more "normal" look..haha! He's a modest guy...

Too bad the food SUCKED big time!!!!!!
Oh! I wanted so much to vomit the food right after the first mouthful! What the heck did she ordered??? And so...I barely ate.. NO.. I should say, everyone barely ate! Pity.

And after a lot of hoo-haa..she fired up a few sputters of fireworks up the sky to celebrate her birthday. Yup. Exactly like those you see during New Year's day celebrations.
What can I say?
She's Gucci girl.


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