Friday, November 30, 2007

Let's get DOWN & DIRTY here

For those interested, help me clean my toilet please.
Haha. Just kidding.

I wanna ask this question actually.
"Why do BAD GIRLS have all the GOOD GUYS??"

Okay, in my context, my BAD girls as those who love fooling around and flirting like nobody's business. Just like this good friend of mine.

She has a really good rich & handsome boyfriend who floods her with expensive gifts - branded sunglasses, LV bags, a Sony Vaio, gives her his car to drive around, holiday trips around the world, just to name a few.

BUT she still flirts heavily and go on romantic dates with her ex-bf, and most of her guy friends around. She told me the other day, "Am I not such a BAD girl? I know my bf treats me well and he's a good guy BUT..."

I told her, "You are such a BIT*H".


FINAL NOTICE : Pay up or...

Supergirlfriend just received a FINAL NOTICE printed in red A4 paper. This is no good.

The notice read "You idiot, why haven't you paid TNB for 6 months huh??!! You want your electricity to kena potong isit?? You bladifool...better pay in the next 7 days or you'll have to spend the nights fanning yourself to sleep in darkness, bit*h!"

I went "..."

But I paid!!!!

I've been paying to my housemate!!!!
What has she done to my money!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhh...!!

OMG. She is going to be so dead if she doesn't give me a decent answer by the time I get to her abt this.

**to be continued...


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Working in a NIGHTCLUB ar?

Supergirlfriend can never understand why certain girls in her workplace would get all dressed up like a doll for work.

You think you work in a nightclub ar?

It's broad daylight and you plan to freak people out with your heavy make-up, complete with ultra high heels and supertight clothes (planning to be catwoman isit? *Meow...)

You planning to scare the hell out of people or you're seriously working part-time in a nightclub? C'mon, mama-san. Tell me..

I'm okay with people wearing 3-inch high heels if you're feeling shorty and you want that extra boost in height, or when the occasion requires you to do so. But when you're stuck in the office from 9-6 and that you would need to climb like 4 flights of steep stairs to get you to your working table?

I'm just waiting for the day you trip.
Call me evil. :p

Can you HANDLE this?

Not many people can handle this without looking like they've invested their entire fortune in it. What about you? *wink wink*

You see..imagine seeing a lady all dressed up in good-looking clothes, something exquisite that looks elegant on her. And then she carries a bag. More specifically, a Gucci tote. Okay, chances are, you are never gonna expect that she is actually carrying a fake Gucci even though she may well be carrying a fake one! :p

Now..let's change the scenario a little.

You see a lady dressed in clothes that look cheap and shabby, something that looks too casual to pull of a decent look on her. And then she carries a bag too. A Gucci tote. This time around, no prizes for guessing what others may think about that Gucci eh.


OR, worse still...even if people think that's a real one, they would most probably say "OH, the poor lady must've invested her life's fortune on that Gucci..poor thing!"

Most would think that way, wouldn't you?

If you don't have the right clothes to wear, don't carry a Gucci tote, ok? People would think it's a fake! And that makes you look bad. Seriously.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Adventures in an Oil Rig

I can never accept the idea of a girl working on an oil rig.


Coincidentally, one of my best friends claims that she is moving "forward" in her career when she recently got accepted by a renowned oil & gas company to work in an oil rig in East Malaysia. With high pay and opportunity to work far from traffic jam.

Moving forward eh?

Seems more like sinking into the depths of the unknown for me.

The dirt, the frequent fire drills, the damned uniform, the hazards, the constant danger, the lack transportation (what? helicopters?), the zero shopping (what? shopping for more uniforms??!!), it's practically the life of a slave!

I was horrified when she told me abt her plans. And she sounded proud abt her achievements!

I pitied her.

For the impending disastrous life she's about to face. What triggered her to make such a decision!? It's a mystery.

I guess the $$ must've played a large part.

But there's no free lunch in the world, girl. Wake up.


I can't stop SH*TTING!

Oh, tummy and intestines. What's gotten into the both of u??

Ever since I over-ate the other day and irritated my tummy, I just can't stop sh*tting everytime after I eat!

It's like I'm going on a detox, cleansing programme of some kind! Haha. Well, that's a good thing. Can lose my water retention and lose some weight. Kinda feel bloated still. Maybe they are still producing more sh*t for me to sh*t! :p

Oh! Cannot stand ah. Hope this doesn't get too carried away and get me sh*tting too often. Otherwise, there's gonna be another word for it then. Diarrhoea.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fake Coach bag alert!

OH, just this morning, while being trapped in a lift with this lady who was all dressed up in a business suit, my eyes spotted something.

A Coach bag.

The lady was carrying a small Black Coach Hobo.

Not bad.

Being a fan of branded bags of all kinds from LV, Prada, Gucci and of course Coach, my eyes have been trained to spot these beautiful babies anywhere.

However, on second glance, the eyes saw something suspicious.


Man! Don't you hate it when these ladies wear all smartie and end up carrying a FAKE COACH BAG??

Such disrespect to the brand! Imitation branded bags are a definite NO-NO for me.
Call me bitchy or mean but if you can't afford it, then don't carry it. Period. Get a life! Ugh.

This message nearly made me in tears

A friend of mine whom I hadn't heard of for a long time messaged me the other day.

She told me "Thank you and if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have learnt so many things".

I stared at my handphone dumbfounded and almost in tears.

She was one of my junior partners or rather students until I decided to part ways with the organization that tied the both of us together about a year ago.

We went through many things together, helping her out, giving her motivation and the spirit to complete whatever task that she needed to do. I hadn't thought much about how I affected her life then. Until the day she sent me that message.

I was touched. To have known that my actions actually helped someone change her life for the better. And to have known that she actually appreciated and remembered what I've done.

Thank you so much too. For letting me know that this life is worth living after all.


Monday, November 26, 2007

"Mummy, thanks for the rose..."

Supergirlfriend's mummy gave her this pair of pink roses the other day.

Truly melts my heart.

Love my mummy.

Thanks mum!


Gucci girl strikes back!

Remember when I told you that my friend, the diva Gucci girl is throwing a birthday bash last weekend? (check out my previous post) Well, Supergirlfriend went there and here are the juicy details!!! Heh heh heh heh... :p

Just as expected, the diva really made her party look sooooooooooooo extravagant that it actually looked like a wedding dinner!!!!! OMG!! Oh. And she had the entire restaurant booked which is located at a really really exclusive place.

She was all dressed up in a long, flowing evening gown! * 'kua cheong'! (so over the top!) and the setting was all romantic, dimly lit and lovey dovey. The "groom", my guypal was dressed in a more "normal" look..haha! He's a modest guy...

Too bad the food SUCKED big time!!!!!!
Oh! I wanted so much to vomit the food right after the first mouthful! What the heck did she ordered??? And so...I barely ate.. NO.. I should say, everyone barely ate! Pity.

And after a lot of hoo-haa..she fired up a few sputters of fireworks up the sky to celebrate her birthday. Yup. Exactly like those you see during New Year's day celebrations.
What can I say?
She's Gucci girl.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

What a Gucci girl!

Just got to know that this diva girlfriend of one of my good guypals is demanding for a super grand birthday bash..I mean, that's entirely fine with me but the problem is...


What a b*tch!

I mean, she's sucking my guypal off all his money already. She owns her own business (all thanks to my guypal who gave her the finances to do so) and lotsa Gucci and LVs thanks to him too and now she can't even fork out a little of her own money for her birthday bash?

And she even demanded the party to be grand, the food has gotta be good and exquisite, this la and that la...bla bla bla..!

She is my friend too but...can she not be so... so...*sigh* I can't even find a word that can describe her.

Can't you just pay or at least offer to pay? Give the event planner a break la. It's difficult to negotiate when there's little $$.

In the end, guess who's gonna pay the entire bill? My friend again lo.
How can he actually stand this kinda ppl...Poor guy.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stupid and b*tchy friends (eeeeek! cannot stand them!)

I hate friends who are soooooooo b*tchy and act indifferent towards me that they truly deserve a spanking ill mention in my blog! :p

This was what happened not too long ago. November being the season for births, many of my friends are born this month. One of them just celebrated her birthday yesterday and I caught her online just now.

So, since she's another of my old, used-to-be-close friends, I decided to buzz her and wish her a happy birthday. And this was how our conversation went:

Supergf : Hey...Happy birthday!!!
B*tch : Oh. Hi.

Supergf :'s your birthday girl! So, planning to celebrate it with your family or our friends tonight?
B*tch : Family. Friends last week.

Supergf : Oh, wah..last week celebrated already ar. ( feeling offended now that she hadn't invited me) With WY and BS they all is it? How are they?
B*tch : Ok.

Supergf : You ok? You working today?
B*tch : No.

(by this time, Supergirlfriend is kinda pissed off with B*tch already, after having been greeted with strings of short, cold uninterested answers)

Supergf : You busy or anything?
B*tch : No.

(Supergf tries to stay calm)

Supergf : You sure you ok?
B*tch : Ya.

Supergf : Am I disturbing you or anything?
B*tch : No.

I decided to end the conversation there and then.

B*tches. Dunno why b*tches tend to be so annoying.
What the hell happened to her?? Is she computer dumb or busy surfing porn sites that she doesn't have time to give me answers other than ya or no.

Dumb ppl. Jeez!


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good friends never stick with you for long

It's sad really that not many friends actually stick close to you throughout your life. As you grow, people change, you change, the environment changes, your goals in life changes and...your friends change too (double meaning intended).

One of my close friends is leaving for Europe soon to work (tiu fei kei style..!) and it's strange that after having not seen her for just a little more than half a year, she has changed sooooo much that I can barely recognise my good friend from the girl whom I had met up again a week or two ago. I was so shocked after meeting up with her that I couldn't sleep a wink that night!

She started behaving in a way that she never used to, although I knew she is a wild child. She's still one of my closest friends but with just that 6 months, with the new group that she's mixing, she's changed so much that I have to make do with listening to her stories about Gucci, LV, Armani, infidelity, wild disco nites, etc.

Well, that's life I suppose. Friends come and go. It's just that handful that's gonna stay with you, and stay true to you. Can't hold on to them forever. Gotta let them go sometimes for them to explore their own lives.

Well I gotta lead my own too...


Monday, November 19, 2007

Who IS Supergirlfriend?

That's me!
The one and only, Supergirlfriend...!
Cheers please. Hehe.

Well, I'm really really REALLY excited about getting this blog.
I've called it "Girls will be Girls" because that's just the fact, guys (and girls)!
Girls will be girls unless you are somewhere in the middle, of course... *ahem :p

And why the pink colour? Guys, if you have the guts to step into this ultra-girlish blog, you are the true blue macho man! You are the one guy the world needs to have more of! The girls in the world needs you! Yes, YOU! :p

So, you'll be seeing more of Supergirlfriend soon as she will be bringing you more about..
What else? Hot juicy gossips, girl's bitchin's and well, guys!

Check them out ya!


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