Friday, January 18, 2008

Time to hibernate, ladies and gentleman...

Supergirlfriend feels that it's finally time to take her leave now... Time to switch off everything and go on a break. YES. A break. Haha...

Also time for me to hibernate and work on some things which kinda need more urgent attention at the moment for me. But 'fret not...'cos this is just a short break till I get everything sorted out. Just wanna say THANK YOU guys for being here with me and walking through my life's journey with me.

Don't worry. I will be back soon and all pumped up like an Energizer bunny ok? Haha... See ya! :p


Thursday, January 17, 2008

This is goodbye to all of you -- my good friends

I bid thou adieu.

Now that I can see what appears to be a mission to alienate me for some unknown reasons, shouting out "WHAT I'VE DONE" isn't going to change anything anymore.

For some mysterious reasons, I just got to know that my bunch of old "pals" are no longer my pals anymore. Those whom I literally grew up with. Those whom I played together with. Those whom I shared my happiness and tears during my younger years. Those who were my childhood friends.

I've got a bunch of them. A strong clique of 5 ppl. Sad to say, I guess everyone has taken different directions in life. I have decided that I can no longer be on the same boat as them. No point facing each other when at the end of the day, as a matter of fact, I'm no longer regarded as one of them.

Time to put my past behind me and cherish my good friends and my loved ones before me. I didn't lose 5 good friends. I just lost some really good feelings about them. Sad, but that's life.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Stop doing that, you psycho!

Uh oh. How did she became like this??? *worried look*

I just caught my housemate doing something really awkward. Want to know what she did? I don't even know how to describe it when I first saw her doing it. I just looked at her dumbly for a few long seconds before pulling myself together to mutter something like, "ei, what are you doing??"

I saw a kiddo's colouring book and a whole load of colour pencils on her bed. She was laying down on her bed holding an orange coloured colour pencil and happily colouring away at a picture of a cartoon bear or something.

I seriously did not know what to say when I saw her doing that. Yeah, THAT. How do you explain a 25-year-old laying down on bed, colouring a colouring book she PURPOSELY bought to colour???? Could you?? *in shock*

Now I'm getting afraid. Maybe I should really put an additional lock on my door just in case. Yeah. Just in case... Haha. :p


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I can't go through a week without shopping. HELP!

Supergirlfriend gives shopaholics a brand new term. They suffer from Shopping Compulsive Behaviour. Meaning, they can't leave a shop without buying anything - anything at all! :p

I used to be one shopper who cannot resist the temptation of buying- yes, anything at all!. Initially, it was this little voice inside me that urges me to go for "exploratory shopping" a.k.a window shopping. Ended up buying something of course. :p

Then, this little voice turned louder and triggered this desire to own more things - yes, again, anything at all!. The more you buy, the more you feed the desire. And it kinda grew and grew till I can't go through the week without shopping!

New shoes every week. New clothes every week. But after using them for once or twice, they would end up sitting at some dark corner sobbing away because their owner has changed her taste. And I would feel guilty about it for a while. But the cycle continues.

One financial disaster was all it takes to kill off that compulsive behavior. ONE MAJOR FINANCIAL crisis which left me crippled for good at that time. Thinking back, thank god for that crisis, otherwise, I wouldn't have gotten out of being a compulsive shopper! Haha. :p


Monday, January 14, 2008

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ripped off the ABC song

Remember the infamous kid's nursery song "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"?

Have you ever realized that the song actually shares the same tune as the Alphabet song?? Yeah, the A, B, C, D, E, F, G.... song. (I know you're humming this in your head right now! :p)

Someone actually pointed this out to me this morning. Haha. I never knew they shared the same tune all these while! Who ripped off whom in this case??? Haha. Interesting.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Can you live on MAGGI mee everyday?

Supergirlfriend is curious.
Besides being able to make a quick deduce based on my common sense, I would like to know if people have tried this before?

My housemate is my perfect specimen for this experiment. Though she doesn't exactly know this! Shhhh...don't tell her ok?? Haha. :p

She's been eating Maggi mee for very single dinner meal! WOW. Since she'd already declined to comment on my advice to her ("Wah, eat Maggi again ar? Don't eat so much ar...!") I'll just have to let it be. She's a big girl already. I'm sure she knows her own health better than I do. *fingers and toes crossed*

Looking at her situation, that's such a sad way of saving $$! At the expense of your own health and enjoyment. One of life's greatest joy is to be able to eat good food. At least when you leave the world for good, you know you've truely lived and enjoyed a decent life before!


Friday, January 11, 2008

GUYS, don't mess with women wearing high heels

No, it's not because women with 3-inch high heels can hurt your balls with a kick aimed right to your little bro and scrotum!

And NO, it's not because those heels can put a hole through your feet. Haha. :p

Because women with high heels have proven themselves as people who can endure PAIN. Yeah, PAIN. Any men worn those stilettos before? Know how it feels like to wear those beautiful looking pair of fragile things?

The moment you slip on your pair of 3-inch high stilettos, you feel high and mighty. The muscles on your calves and thighs feel tighter and more toned, obviously making your legs look slimmer and longer.

By the next 10 minutes after wearing them, you feel the slight strain pulling at your leg muscles. You ignore the strain.

By the next hour if you're still standing or walking with your killer heels, your legs feel like giving up already. The pain is constant and you're struggling to stand still.

After that, your leg slowly becomes numb from the pain. The chances of you twisting your ankle becomes much higher by now because your muscles are feeling more strained. But you try hypnotizing yourself, telling yourself "the pain is nothing".

Tell me. If girls can actually force themselves to endure this kind of PAIN, don't you think they're really tough and kick-a$$ people?

Guys, you'd better think twice before messing up with girls wearing 3-inch high heels. *grins*


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Does your TASTE change over time...?

I realized my taste in the clothing and accessories' labels change over time. (Thank god my taste in men has remained the same.) I eye only a certain good cutie man, which brings me to my Superboyfriend who has been most loving to me all this while. *muaks* :p

So back to my story on brands.

Std 1 - Form 5 : Brands? What brands?? As long as it's wearable, who cares??

Form 6 : I remember taking on a fancy for Soda, Dolly, Tom's Girl. Yeah. 'Auntie' brands but hey, at least I'm starting to know brand names! :p

Year 1 in Uni : PDI, Padini Authentics. Basically, I live on these 2 brands. Living a true blue "college student" lifestyle (not to mention wearing like one too!)

Year 2 - 3 in Uni : SEED, Vincci, Nose, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, G2000, U2 (now G2K Blu), GUESS (my glasses then!). I'm moving on to the more stylish and mature range as you can see here...Getting more fashionable eh. :p

Currently : MNG, Zara, Esprit, GAP, Burberry (my eau de parfum), Emporio Armani (my glasses!) & Swatch. Yeah, I'm living quite a life now! *winks*

1 year from now : LV, Coach, Gucci, Burberry, Aigner, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Chanel. Yeah, baby...yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh...!! Haha. :p


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I'm worth only a pack of NASI LEMAK

I told Superboyfriend, "Hey, at least you're worth a meal at Jogoya ok?"

On EVERY single occasion in my office, we're only offered only 1 pack of nasi lemak, 1 packet drink (Yeo's soya bean or lychee), 1 curry puff and 1 kuih. Regardless whether it's someone's farewell party, the boss' birthday or even a celebration of any kind, it's always that 1 pack of nasi lemak.


Darn it. Cheap skate like hell.

Reminds me our year-end company dinner was held in our company compounds! Eating some catering food that's cold and too salty. Bleark!

Wait till my ARMY gets to you. (see previous post) Hmmph.


What to do when you have an ARMY at your command?

Supergirlfriend wants to use this army to lead her conquest in overthrowing her company's organization (all the way to the boss) and shutting it all down, once and for all. Hmmph.

Check it out, guys. If you look close enough, the knights are actually made out of recycled beer cans. Cool eh. Argh, too bad my army looked pretty harmless but rather cute instead! *sigh*

Sorry if I'm sounding vengeful or anything. Didn't mean to scare anyone. It's just that I didn't get enough sleep last nite because I was slaving for the boss till late at night. Kill the company! Yeah!



Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I'm too SEXY for you...

I realised that more & more pretty girls are getting left on the shelf these days while the so-called 'ordinary-looking ones' or even the 'ugly ducklings' are the ones getting snapped up.

This long-time gal friend of mine is kinda like what you would normally label as 'unconventionally beautiful'. Okay, it's just a polite way of saying 'she doesn't have that kinda look that would make heads turn and look for a 2nd glance'.

But she just got hooked up with her 2nd boyfriend (to date) recently. Not bad since she claimed that she's 'awfully unattractive, fat, no guys would want her, she would be the last to get married' and all... (no objection to all that. Muaahahahahha...)

In spite of all that, she's very outgoing, outspoken and friendly. And that's what's making her attractive. Kinda lame to say inner beauty rocks but that's just the fact.

So for girls who think they're too sexy (not to mention, too beautiful) for any guy, don't let your ego get the better of you (If that's really the case for you). Unless being single is really your best bet. Or unless you're catwoman. *meow*


What are you doing in a PYJAMAS holding a briefcase walking around KLCC??

This is weird.

Just this morning, Supergirlfriend saw a strange sight.

Hello? What are you doing in a PYJAMAS holding a briefcase walking around KLCC??

And what's up with the hair? Didn't know the "I-just-got-up-from-bed" messy hairdo is so "in" with the female species too. And the pyjamas. I'm not talking about just any pyjamas. It's the baggy overalls type with a large cartoon imprinted on the front!

And why the fact that I'm so surprised? Okay, you must be thinking a crazy lady walking around KL is normal. But NO. She's actually holding on to a decent briefcase, catching up with a friend as they were both walking towards Megan Avenue II...! And it's about 9 a.m., meaning it's office hour!

She's not crazy. She's actually going to work!

I salute her guts. Really. I mean, she's as brave as my ex-colleague who walked around Jalan Sultan Ismail wearing only a pair of boxers, an orange T-shirt, and business shoes. But hey, it was after a pyjamas party so it's okay. Haha.

Interesting people these days... :p


Monday, January 7, 2008

The faceless GHOST appearing in broad daylight!

Where's your face?? Were your eyes supposed to be like this? How come your nose isn't that high anymore? I thought your lips were much fuller!

OMG! You look so different without make-up! No eye-liner, no foundation powder, no lipstick, no eye shadow, no blushes, no concealer ... and you lost your face??
You're turning into a pale, faceless ghost I'm telling you. And I don't appreciate getting scared in broad daylight!

This girl friend I know never used to have the habit of using make-ups or any cosmetics. She's only like 25?? Girls don't even need thick make-up at that age! Maybe some simple make-up should do the trick.

I once saw her without make-up and it nearly freaked me out! She had pimple scars all over her cheeks (which she took the trouble to conceal it with thick foundation every single time) and she looked awfully pale! She didn't even have acne problems in the past!

Stop the thick make-up and let your facial features return to how they used to be. Scary!


Friday, January 4, 2008

Time to change my skin (cos everything's peeling off!)

Yup, ladies and gentleman.

I'm afraid it's THAT time again.

Time to change my skin! Haha. Well, it's like this. At certain time of the year, the skin near my lips would start peeling for no clear reason. Maybe it's the dry wind blowing this time of the year. I dunno. It's seasonal.

And I'm not even a Snake! (in the Chinese zodiac) Why am I peeling off skin?? Maybe it's to commemorate the new year I suppose.

New year= new skin! Gross... :p


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Would you CALL IT QUITS if you were me?

WHAT IF you just started a small company and has been working part-time to get your business ready since 4 months ago? For the moment, it's zero income because everything's not 100% functional in the company just yet. And you're still working full-time with another company to keep up with the debit-credit flow in your life.

Would you stop working to concentrate full time on your upcoming company and resign from your current job, cutting off the main source of income you have? Or would it be too much of a risk to resign now (since you're not earning yet) and quit only when the business has started generating income?

Supergirlfriend is in this situation. And she's getting ever more frustrated having to work for other people (like a dog) and earn money for other people while time is of essence in her new company.

What would you do if you were in her shoes?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to SCHOOL tomorrow...Now only want to rush for hair cut!

Supergirlfriend just had her curly locks trimmed yesterday. Needed to get rid of split ends since her hair has reached Rapunzel-like lengths... Haha. So I went to my family's hair stylist yesterday for a little cut here and there.

Strangely, I noticed that the shop is flooded with lots of kids! Thank goodness I made an appointment earlier on to get that instant VIP treatment. Yes, life is not fair. :p

OH. Just then I realized that kids are getting back to school tomorrow.


First day of school? How cute! All these rascals. Leaving their hair long like rockers and now only wanna rush to get their hair cut ar? Want to style like David Beckham lah, Cristiano Ronaldo lah. Macam macam.

Kids these days...

Let's celebrate "GET BACK TO SCHOOL" day tomorrow! Yaaaaaaay.....! Haha. :p


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