Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I'm too SEXY for you...

I realised that more & more pretty girls are getting left on the shelf these days while the so-called 'ordinary-looking ones' or even the 'ugly ducklings' are the ones getting snapped up.

This long-time gal friend of mine is kinda like what you would normally label as 'unconventionally beautiful'. Okay, it's just a polite way of saying 'she doesn't have that kinda look that would make heads turn and look for a 2nd glance'.

But she just got hooked up with her 2nd boyfriend (to date) recently. Not bad since she claimed that she's 'awfully unattractive, fat, no guys would want her, she would be the last to get married' and all... (no objection to all that. Muaahahahahha...)

In spite of all that, she's very outgoing, outspoken and friendly. And that's what's making her attractive. Kinda lame to say inner beauty rocks but that's just the fact.

So for girls who think they're too sexy (not to mention, too beautiful) for any guy, don't let your ego get the better of you (If that's really the case for you). Unless being single is really your best bet. Or unless you're catwoman. *meow*



Jasonmumbles said...


Neh, that's because all the pretty ones are jual mahal-ing.

KY said...

it's just a way to console not-so-great looking girls. :P

Anonymous said...

ahaha i love this one, really makes me smile, especially the ending

zewt said...

i guess the sexy ones are all too choosy eh?

Benjamin said...

so which category are you in? heheh

Supergirlfriend said...

hey jason,
yeah lor..that's why they get left behind and all the good guys went for the ugly ducklings..And ppl are complaining why handsome guys end up with ugly girls...haha.. :p

hi ky,
yeah..thank god I'm nNOT one 'not-so-great-looking' girl! haha..And thank god despite that, I don't get left behind in the shelves! :p

hey anonymous,
haha..glad you liked this one. Yeah, the catwoman rocks! *whips!*

hey zewt,
yeah..and that's precisely why all the good guys have been snapped up (or is it the other way round?) by the ugly ducklings.. And then the pretty girls dare to complaint about no good guys around.. *grins*

hi benjamin,
haha..why'd you wanna know?? I'm catwoman! *meow* Haha.. :p

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