Wednesday, April 30, 2008

An apple a day, takes the sore throat away

Oh god...Supergirlfriend is down with a vicious sore throat. Too angry yesterday and the heat and anger somehow managed to find its way to my throat! Hahaha.

Since the gas cooker ran out of gas, I couldn't cook any porridge and I was just sooooo hungry in the morning. So, in desperation, I took everything out from the fridge and started hunting for anything that I could possibly eat without leaving from the comforts of my home.




Ahhhhh.............................. Found it!


Haha. An apple a day, takes the sore throat away.
Puh-leeeeeseee let this work. I cannot stand sore throats. Could barely sleep a wink last night.

Sayang, apple... *softly pats on the apple*


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You dare to tell me my boyfriend's days are numbered?!

I'm fuming with anger over the latest turn in the controversy revolving my Superboyfriend and his fcuking (I'm not usually one who blurts foul words okay, and this only proves that I'm really really beyond furious now)

Can someone please read what this moron wrote to my Superboyfriend?

... your days with DFS is numbered and there are still oustanding issues around. All these items are required to hand-over. It's kind of unfair to the company and anybody who is going to take up the job.

Moreover, your attitude towards your job responsible have never been improved. Late for work, inefficient or unproductive, no compliance of company rules and etc.
You are telling me you are upset! I think I have given you a lot of patient and plenty of opportunity....What did I get from you eventually? Complaints....

I don't want to write a lengthy email on this. Please call my mobile right now.


And what bloody pissed me off so badly is that the moron wrote all these maligning words to Superboyfriend DESPITE Superboyfriend already notifying the moron that he has already handed over his work, and in spite of that, the moron continued maligning him about incompliance of company rules (what? you expect people to work like a dog just like you isit?)

And unproductive? Weh moron, get your facts straight here okay. DFS is a silly company made up just to entertain stupid client's complaints. And the programmars here have the highest turnover rate in the history of mankind because of fragmented workloads! Why fragmented? Because you keep having to wipe other people's sh!t!

I'm handling a job, suddenly decides that I dunno how to do it, pass it on to the next sucker to do, the sucker does a little crap, then decides that he doesn't know how to continue, then pass it on to another sucker and so on. And finally, when the job is done, who gets all the credit? The first person loh. And the final person gets all the shit accumulated from before. A case of Project Managers getting stupid?

Stupid DFS.

When your loved one is sad, you get sad too...

Yeah, call it contagious or soulmates, when your loved one is sad, you'll naturally feel for him too.

Poor Superboyfriend got bullied real bad at his ridiculously idiotic company in Wisma Selangor Dredging. How could they have been so despicable as to withhold his paycheck just because he intends to leave???

Such a big company, but yet they cannot seem to comprehend the simplest concept of paying your employee. He's already immensely underpaid, what's worse is that they expect him to work like a dog in this idiotic company! How dare they even think about it?!

You mess with my Superboyfriend, you mess with Supergirlfriend. Remember that.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Going to the US of A

Supergirlfriend yearns to go the US. No, not to work! Hahah. I wanna get my butt there for a holiday!

My bro will be making his way there soon, on a 2-month business trip for his Modolala company. Envy... I wanna go too!! Bring me! Bring me! Hahahahha....

Have a safe trip yeah, bro. Bring back lotsa goodies for me. *grins*

Friday, April 25, 2008

Love the weather these days

Supergirlfriend simply loves the weather in KL these days. It rains most of the time - nearly everyday - making the air more cooling and thus, relaxing.

I was talking to Superboyfriend the other day about the weather pattern of late. I honestly felt it has changed a lot. Definitely more rain now, but on those really hot days... they can get really really HOT huh. Burning onto your skin, making it very itchy at times when exposed to it.

And furthermore, I've got sensitive skin. Once I get exposed to too much of the ridiculously hot weather outside, my face turns really red like it's gonna explode! Which is why I tend to stay indoors most of the time in air-conditioned room from morning till mid day.

And once the sky turns drastically dark and stormy in the evening, that will be the time I get my butt out. Hahah.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I will miss you, my L.O.V.E!

Supergirlfriends's L.O.V.E. bag is in a disastrous, worn out state. The once beautiful bag (it still is! if not for the many many flaws on its skin now) earned ridiculous amount of praises from many passerbys.

Seriously, despite owning so many bags before this, I have never owned one that can actually have strangers walking up to me just to say I have a beautiful bag. WOW. And this happened many many times. Even in lifts!

Which is why I absolutely adored my bag. Gosh, I'm going to miss it so much. I can no longer find the exact same model but I know my next bag is going to be something close. I love big bags and totes in black, black & white or simply white. They are the best colours in the world.

Don't worry, L.O.V.E., I will definitely miss you...!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

People who just won't pay up their debts

Seriously, Supergirlfriend really gets very frustrated with these kinda people. Having such "friends" can most certainly drive you up the wall at times.

Some people I know can be this thick-skinned that they just won't pay up their debts to you despite coming face to face with you every single day. And also despite getting reminded to the state of actually getting scolded from you.

Man! When they need something from you, they beg you, they lick your boots, they slap themselves. You feel sorry for them.

But when it comes to paying up? They can play the forgetful act very nicely. If you are one of those who have the tendency to owe people stuff, it's seriously payback time. You use my money in advance, you borrow some stuff from me, you gotta pay up! Cut out the act.

Monday, April 21, 2008

I am spending too much time in front of computers

Supergirlfriend clocks in at 10.00 a.m., starts her PC and sits working in front of it till lunch break and resumes soonafter.

Supergirlfriend later clocks out at 6.30 a.m. but as soon as she gets home at 7.00 a.m., she starts her PC at home, cooks dinner, short dinner break, and back to PC all the way till sleeping time. The routine had never been a problem for me but of late, my eyes have been growing more and more tired of it.

Hope my eyesight has not worsen too significantly. I know my eyes are definitely not as good as they used to be as I get older and spend more time in front of the damned monitor and lappie. Any vitamins or nutritious food I should take to help my eyes?

OH and in a totally unrelated affair, I fiddled with my glasses the other day and noticed many scratch marks. Oh god. My Emporio Armani glasses!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Boycott Pizza Hut!

Have you heard about the Pizza Hut boycott? Apparently, Pizza Hut practises racism openly. Supergirlfriend received this forwarded mail from a friend about this call for people to boycott Pizza Hut.

Don't know to what extent can this mail be trusted, but from its attached photos, I can actually see a special column in the bill for "Race". Now now. Race???? Let me get this straight here. Since when does a person's race matter when dining in a restaurant, especially when it comes to paying bills?

According to the testimonies,

"The bill contains normal things la (number of person, bill. number and what is ordered). But, what shocked me is that they had space called ' RACE ' .I guess since we were all wearing tudung, they labelled us as 0, which means MALAY. Later, when we went to pay…we had no service charge and no tax charge"

In short, Malay customers get labelled "0" and need not pay the service and tax charges.

"Still in shock, I peeped into another bill in the counter. In that bill, under the race space, it was labelled as C (which I guess means Chinese). That bill had service and tax charges!!!"

Okay, in this case, if you are a Chinese, you get labelled "c" and you have to pay the charges.

Amazing, isn't it? Since I've never been a fan of Pizza Hut, can anyone actually confirm this? Oh. Btw, please do not misunderstand this post as an intentional trigger for racism issues yeah. I'm just reporting on such matters.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm NOT high on pills!

Supergirlfriend is feeling all soothe and relaxed right now. No, I didn't go for an aromatheraphy massage or burn those scented candles.

And I'm definitely not high on pills.

My brain is absolutely working fine too...

It's just that someone is playing this ultra jazzy music beside me that I can't help but feel so happy and trouble-free! Hahahaaaa...

Hey, maybe I should get (or download!) some of these jazzy tunes as well eh. Maybe some of Michael Buble too. Been working hard lately, gotta enjoy life a little. Don't want to force those dark rings and premature wrinkles to pop up.

Life is beautiful...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My house is turning into a dumpster. Oh god.

No thanks to the insensitive people living under the same roof with Supergirlfriend, I found that my house, my sanctuary is fast becoming a dumpster! Oh god.

At one point, after returning from my mum's place over the weekend, the insensitive people living under the same roof somehow managed to pack on the rubbish till it eventually overflowed and became the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of yucky insects and bugs. Disgusting!

And poor me and Superboyfriend will always be the ones to get rid of the stink and rubbish at my house. Hey, we're not some Majlis Bandaraya okay? Throw the rubbish for God's sake! It's unbelieveable how lazy some people can actually be.

They can entirely ignore the stench and play the ignorance game till you eventually flag your white underwear and surrender! Oh, kill me.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Can I skateboard to work too?

Just as Supergirlfriend was at Superboyfriends's office to drop him off at work, she saw something peculiar. From afar, against the long line of cars in front of me waiting to exit to Jalan Ampang, I saw a guy travelling at a relatively fast pace, almost like he's floating in the air!

WOW. Not an everyday sight.

The guy was apparently skateboarding, not just anywhere, but in the middle of the city centre! Double WOW. Someone was actually cool enough to skateboard to work! Arhhhhhhhh...............

I've always wanted to try skateboarding. But just never did. And seeing how that guy jumped from the road onto the sidewalk carrying his skateboard, it was too cool to be true. I was literally in awe watching him sway left and right, up and down with this very environmentally-friendly "vehicle".

Can I skateboard to work too?? Hahah.

Come to think about it, skateboarding to work can surely save me lotsa petrol money and time huh. And you get to arrive at work in style too! That is, if you don't get rammed by any crazy vehicles in KL along the way lah. Hahah.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Am I still a girl?

Now tell me, which girl doesn't shop? Every 9 out of 10 girls would probably have shopping as one of their favourite things to indulge in during free time. Yes, I know even the men are taking an interest in shopping as more metrosexual men are starting to invade the world.

But me? Well, not that I don't like shopping, it's just that I've somehow grown out of it. Strange huh. I've noticed that clothes which I do not immediately wear after I bought it will eventually wind up in the wardrobe, not having to see the daylights again. Hahah.

So now, I actually have the time to wear each and every of my clothes and appreciate them individually. I feel more satisfied when I buy an item I really like every once in a while rather than making it a routine or a habit to shop for anything whenever I find myself in shopping malls.

Shop less to waste less! Call it self-control at its best! Hahah.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where's my Burberry bag??

Okay, enough said about the obsession to become fairer. After standing in front of the mirror to mirror myself, I decided that the mirror reflection I see off the mirror is indeed fair enough to be the ultimate tau-foo-fah!

So now now, let's move on to something else here shall we? Just recently, my buddy who tiu fei kei (jump aeroplane) in the UK bought a Burberry Beaton Baby House Check bag during the spring & summer sales there for 950 pauns.

950 pauns?




Wait. 950 pauns????

Oh god. Wow. My bag's all broken and I can't even bear to part with RM100 to buy a new L.O.V.E bag! Kill me please.

OH. The bag looks so stunning even in the photos. Can't wait to land my hands on one of those berry berry babies! Please drop a Burberry Beaton Baby House Check bag from the sky to me today? Pleaseeeeee.......... I promise to be a really really good girl from this second onwards.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Does Nivea Whitening Lotion really work?

Since there's this recurring thought about becoming fairer in Supergirlfriend's mind, lemme tell you my story about the Nivea Whitening Lotion. Does it actually work?

Since young, I have always been among the fairest in the class. Yes, imagine Snow White. Don't ask me why I'm fair. It runs in the genes. And my brothers are actually fairer than me. So because of that, when I was in my uni years, I would be eyeing all the whitening lotions in the market.
Yes, in hope that by using whitening lotions, I can be THE ultimate tau-foo-fah. And because I was just a student, I was on a tight budget. No SK-II. No Clinique. No branded stuff. Just Nivea. Why? Because it's cheap and it's easily available in Guardian and Watson's. Hahah.

So throughout most of my uni years (3 years, that is), I have been diligently applying the Nivea Whitening Lotion every day, after each bath. Did it work? Hehe.










Of course it didn't work! Nivea Whitening Lotion didn't work! Hahah. Otherwise I wouldn't have thought about staying in an air-conditioned room to imitate the weather in UK to get fairer right? (Yes, thank you zewt. NOW I know this doesn't work as well)
Sigh. What the hell. Almost 3 years of applying the damned lotion and it didn't work a bit. Oh god. I've been conned!

And so, I've stopped using it since. But hey, maybe me and Nivea, just NO FATE. Maybe you and Nivea -- got fate? Hahahahaha.. Damn.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Can sitting in air-con all day make you fairer?

Supergirlfriend has always been very curious about this. Will it actually make my skin fairer if I were to stay in an air-conditioned room all day long?

Dunno why but I've always felt that I'm just not fair enough. Haha. Many claim that I look like a walking snowman, but... but... I recalled that my eldest brother, when he just returned from the UK after 9 months there, his skin was so FAIR! I was so envious! How could a man be that fair??

Hence, I've been thinking. Okay, perhaps the weather in UK is always soooooo cold and gloomy, maybe that's what's been making him become fairer. So, back in burning hot Malaysia, if I were to stay in my air-conditioned office all day long, will it actually make me the ultimate tau-foo-fah??

So far, the results have been promising. Not so much fairer, just slightly. Very slightly. How did I know that? Well, mum's friend commented the other day that I look whiter than before! Haha. Yes, girls are vain.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Laptop oh Laptop, where art thou??

Supergirlfriend has been looking forward to purchasing a brand new lappie for the past few months but either,

1) never seem to have time to buy it, OR

2) bad weather demotivating us to face a would-be jam-packed Bukit Bintang, OR

3) facing the problem of insufficient funds, OR

4) couldn't find the model we like

AND the worst reason of them all, we are both TOO LAZY to go over to Lowyat Plaza to buy it. Aiseh-man! Bad reason right?? I can't believe it either.
We've been delaying back and forth, even on our furniture shopping trip to IKEA. We were supposed to be dragging ourselves there to shop for a nice low coffee table and some kitchen utensils but... BUT...

I just hope we can finally get it all done this week. Pleeeeeeeeease!! :)

Friday, April 4, 2008

When you bump into your gal pal-turned-foe

Supergirlfriend bumped into her ex-girl friend last weekend, which was very unfortunate. Yes. Note the "EX-". I hadn't noticed her initially until the girl formerly knowned as my gal pal tapped on my shoulders.

I turned around, surprised but all subsided all so quickly when I caught view of who tapped my shoulders. Oh, it's you. She was full of pretentiousness, warmly greeting my mum as well as Superboyfriend because well, she knows my mum and I know hers. Simple as that.

Oh well, cut the story short, she once again proved how b!tchy she was in the first place by playing the part of the lost and innocent good girl with those puppy eyes and chubby cheeks which I would most love to land my palm on.

Oh just be gone and cut the fake act already!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Little trick 'n' treats

As mentioned in my previous post, Supergirlfriend will be gradually converting this beautiful blog of hers into a place where she can virtually trick 'n' treat.

Yes. It's an experimental attempt to see how many ice-creams I can buy and how many meals I can pay with the little treats. Not many will like the idea of the conversion but hey, a lady's gotta do what she's gotta do. *shrugs*

But don't worry, I will try to coat my little treats with pots and pots of succulent honey to make it less difficult to swallow. This, I promise you. Sorry if I seem to be speaking in encrypted language. It's intentional really. Don't be mad yeah.

::: Zewt, found me at the location I gave you? Haha. *wink*


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

She's back to take a peek

It's been almost 3 months since my last post in Girls will be Girls. Supergirlfriend has been very busy with all sorts of things in her life even at this moment. Being busy is of course a good thing! Haha.

Really treasure everyone I knew from this blog and every moment I've eternalized in my writings. But as an experimental attempt by myself, I shall be gradually turning this lovely blog of mine into a journal which serves a different function altogether. More elaborations later.

For those who still misses Supergirlfriend, you know where to find me. *wink*
For those who have accidentally stumbled upon this blog while blog "sight-seeing", a warm welcome, but you can catch me better at a different blog location. Unfortunately, no disclosure here for now. Haha.

Till my next post, tata... :)


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