Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You dare to tell me my boyfriend's days are numbered?!

I'm fuming with anger over the latest turn in the controversy revolving my Superboyfriend and his fcuking (I'm not usually one who blurts foul words okay, and this only proves that I'm really really beyond furious now)

Can someone please read what this moron wrote to my Superboyfriend?

... your days with DFS is numbered and there are still oustanding issues around. All these items are required to hand-over. It's kind of unfair to the company and anybody who is going to take up the job.

Moreover, your attitude towards your job responsible have never been improved. Late for work, inefficient or unproductive, no compliance of company rules and etc.
You are telling me you are upset! I think I have given you a lot of patient and plenty of opportunity....What did I get from you eventually? Complaints....

I don't want to write a lengthy email on this. Please call my mobile right now.


And what bloody pissed me off so badly is that the moron wrote all these maligning words to Superboyfriend DESPITE Superboyfriend already notifying the moron that he has already handed over his work, and in spite of that, the moron continued maligning him about incompliance of company rules (what? you expect people to work like a dog just like you isit?)

And unproductive? Weh moron, get your facts straight here okay. DFS is a silly company made up just to entertain stupid client's complaints. And the programmars here have the highest turnover rate in the history of mankind because of fragmented workloads! Why fragmented? Because you keep having to wipe other people's sh!t!

I'm handling a job, suddenly decides that I dunno how to do it, pass it on to the next sucker to do, the sucker does a little crap, then decides that he doesn't know how to continue, then pass it on to another sucker and so on. And finally, when the job is done, who gets all the credit? The first person loh. And the final person gets all the shit accumulated from before. A case of Project Managers getting stupid?

Stupid DFS.


YozoraNiteSky said...

haha..trying to guess and google what DFS arse hole company stood for heehee..must warn my IT friends to stay far far away...

Supergirlfriend said...

haha...dear Y. Yes yes..warn your friends to stay away from... *switches on the loudspeaker* Dynafront Systems Berhad! Haha.

Supergirlfriend said...

It's located in Wisma Selangor Dredging, just right across KLCC. Tsk tsk tsk. Bad company. Bad bad!*wink*

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