Saturday, May 24, 2008

Maggi mee for all three meals...YUMMY!

She's at it again, ladies and gentlemen. The Maggi Mee freak!

And now, Maggi Mee is not just her dinner. It's her well, lemme see here...
Breakfast, lunch, dinner... and breakfast, lunch, etc.

You see the vicious cycle here? She's eating Maggi Mee for every single meal?! What is she thinking?? You're a girl. Can you not try to cook a simple simple SIMPLE meal other than Maggi Mee?? Maybe some porridge? Or or... some soup to go with some plain rice?

Or if you're too lazy to cook, maybe tapau from outside? The mamak is just like across the road. And there's a Chinese restaurant right next to it. And there are cafes everywhere within walking distance. Why Maggi Mee?


Earning RM3000, but resort to eating Maggi Mee for every meal. I can't believe there's really such people in this world. Such a waste!

Enjoy greater deals when shopping for Christmas!

Okay, I know Christmas is still pretty much half a year away from now. But hey, no harm getting to know where to find great deals in advance to save money for your Christmas shopping right? Haha. Instead of going into rush hour mode to shop for your mom, your dad, your sister, your niece, your nephew and even your dog, there is a place you can go to shop -- minus all the hassle!

You see, black friday is the day after Thanksgiving when major retailers around the country would slash prices on their products in the spirit of kicking off the Christmas shopping season. But the thing is, Black gives you a headstart by letting you purchase Black Friday items via online shopping. This way, shopping can be a breeze...!

Over at the site, they would send you helpful email alerts to notify you when new black friday advertisements are posted. This would definitely be useful for you to plan your shopping in advance. Oh, I can't wait to shop online at Macy's! I can definitely use a large tote to replace my old one, so I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I can find one that I like! Haha.

Okay, so remember guys, if you intend to save more when shopping for Christmas, go shop on Black Friday!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Watching movies is like taking drugs

This is why I love watching movies. At times when you're just so bothered by all the worldly things that are happening around your life, you just wanna find some peace and quiet and escape from all the lingering thoughts in your mind.

Now this is where movies actually work for me. Haha. Not that now I'm absolutely some troubled soul or anything, but I just enjoy the temporary "escape from reality" relief whenever I'm into a movie. When I watch a movie, I don't just watch a movie. I immerse my entire mind and soul into the characters inside and really feel for them.

And that takes my mind off things. So for 2 hours or so, I get to actually be someone else! Haha. So watching movies for me is kinda like taking drugs as a matter of fact. Not in the bad addiction sense or the getting "high" feeling, but just the "escape from reality" factor which I absolutely adore! Haha.

Now let's move on to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Time to be Indie! Haha. Oh can't wait to watch this! :p

Stunning Jewelry at Affordable Prices!

You know, it truly makes a world of difference when you actually take the effort to put on some nice accessories to complement your look. If you hadn't notice, Diamond-studded Earrings would make you look like an instant diva, while beautiful Pearl Bracelets would actually bring out the elegance in you.

Which is why, jewelries are really necessary to accentuate your look. You can make your way to MyJewelryBox, the online source for fabulous-looking jewelry at excellent prices. Offering an extensive collection of jewelry for sale, you can find just about anything from rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and all the way to necklaces.

If you're looking to get a great deal, you can hop over to their Jewelry Sale where you will see a large showcase of discounted jewelry right through to almost a whopping 70% cut in price! So tell me, where can you get such a great deal anywhere else besides here? Haha. Absolutely fabulous, isn't it?

I mean, they have this beautiful Dangling Diamond Journey Earrings 1.0 Carat in 14K White Gold which retails at $3000 but you can now enjoy a fantastic 67% discount on its price and need only to pay $995! Not bad indeed...

And since Father's Day is just around the corner, why not seize this opportunity to get your dad some Father's Day Jewelry? I'm definitely looking at their cufflinks -- very very affordable and I'm pretty sure they'll look great on the most important man in your life.

Having said all that, have little worries about shopping online because their website is really user-friendly. You can shop by price if you're restricted by a certain budget, or shop by material or even by product. Shopping is also made much easier with free Fed Ex delivery for purchase of above $99 and you can even enjoy free gift packaging for your purchase!

So what are you waiting for? Go shop online today!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Coach, Burberry, Gucci, Chanel or LV?

Ohhh... which one which one???
Haha. My bro just called earlier this morning from his place in Florida and offered to buy me a bag!!! Haha. Before we ended the call, I specifically told him to REMEMBER to get something for me when he makes his way back to Malaysia next month. Seems like a long time some more eh?

And just then he mentioned that he just bought a Coach sling bag for my future sis-in-law. I want.......!!! Haha. And he actually asked me to browse through for the exact model I want online and send the details over to him and he'll buy it!!

You know...maybe this Burberry Beaton Bag?? Haha. No lah....this is expensive.. :p

You da man! Oh, one more thing bro, if you're reading this, remember to get something for Mummy too, ok. You know, maybe more lotions, a WATCH *hint hint*, things like that...

How to get rid of bed bug infestations

In case you've never heard your mum saying "Don't let the bed bugs bite" at night just before you sleep, these bed bugs are notorious bugs that cannot be visibly seen by the eye just like that. If you're sleeping on a bed that's infested with these hideous bugs, they'll actually be crawling all over your body and that alone is enough to send goosebumps down my skin seriously.

But just do you get rid of all these bed bugs? Well, most pest control companies would not hesitate to use bedbug fogger to solve the problem. And while the chemicals in those fogs do kill those bugs, it doesn't get rid of them entirely. Which is exactly the other problem here, especially if the fogging is done in an apartment or hotel where you'll actually cause the bugs to spread to nearby rooms and worsen the infestation. And once the fog is gone, these bugs would actually crawl right back in, causing the infestation to spread around.

Basically, the fogger can be used in places where the bed bug infestations would not easily spread out of the area, but it is still not a very viable option if you're planning to use it in any other environment besides in a house. But for more guide to get rid of bed bugs, you can always make your way to the Bed Bugs Guide devoted to showing how to rid yourself of a bed bug infestation, and all the problems associated with it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

When you're fighting for cabbages in the hypermarket

You know you've become almost like one of them when you're actually fighting for cabbages in the hypermarket against them. Haha. I was never like that in the past. In fact, I could never bear to let myself undergo such, in my opinion at that time, "ego-bruising activity" because it was embarrassing to behave like that in public.

But somehow, when you've been living away from your family all these years, you learn to take care of yourself. You become less choosy about things, but when the food outside has started to bore me, that's a totally different story. That was when I actually got the weird inspiration to cook for myself! Haha. It's strange how circumstances force you to rethink your opinions and shape you to be a different person altogether. That is, in a positive way of course!

Now? I fight my way to get my cabbages, my veges, my fruits, my chicks and my fishys! Nothing so ego-bruising about that. Haha. *wink wink*

I love SocialSpark!

This is a sponsored post.

SocialSpark, the latest innovation by the people over at IZEA is now live! And I became part of the big family at SocialSpark just recently. Come check out my profile! Haha. When I first joined SocialSpark, seriously, I didn't place any expectations on what this place can deliver.

But everything about SocialSpark is somehow positively different. I've got no complaints - from their ethics, their amazingly user-friendly website, all the way to the massive amount of opportunities in SocialSpark. What's most important for me, or as a matter of fact, for every blogger is that, each sponsored link in SocialSpark would automatically carry the "no-follow" attribute to protect bloggers from search engine penalties when writing paid reviews.

And when I had signed up with SocialSpark, it actually did help to drive some traffic into my blog through the community within. Yes, you can actually build your own community of friends in SocialSpark! I've already got a bunch of new friends such as The Captain who was actually the first one to offer his friendship when I first started my journey with SocialSpark.

I simply love every single thing about SocialSpark because I genuinely felt it completes whatever elements the other similar blog advertising or blog marketing websites were lacking. Though there has really been a lot of opportunities so far in SocialSpark on a very regular basis, I do hope that more and more advertisers would gradually be roped in to advertise in SocialSpark. Yeah! Haha.

But on the whole, SocialSpark has been really good to me, feeding me with an abundance of opportunities in the monetary sense. And I would like to thank SocialSpark for that! And even though I'm being paid to write this, I truly recommend SocialSpark because I honestly know that you can never go wrong with it!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm on the American Idol marathon - help!

Since Friday, Star World has been running a marathon of the latest season of American Idol, as a recap before the grand finale this coming Wednesday. And you know what? That's really great for me because I've been struggling to catch up on my missing episodes because Superboyfriend and I only return home to Astro once in every fortnight!

So you can imagine how many episodes I actually missed! Haha. So Star World has been running the entire season all day long actually, and I've been sitting in front of the tv (not now, of course!) from the time the sun comes up till when night falls. Amazing, isn't it? American Idol fanatic.

I totally missed the entire last season because I gradually lost interest in this whole Idol thingee ever since Taylor Hicks was crowned the American Idol a few seasons ago. Bleark. No offence because that man can sure sing and entertain, but somehow he's forgettable. And I skipped Jordin Sparks last season, but now, this season with sooooo many great talents have got me glued to the Idols fanatism once again! Haha. :p

Oh yeah.... Go David Archuleta and David Cook! I'm rooting for the both of you guys!! Haha.

The best of web hosting

Just the other day, I came across an article in a women's magazine mentioning this very interesting statement, that "more women are choosing to start online business to effectively juggle between life as a career women, and life as a mother at home".

Now I seriously read that article with full interest because I'm a woman, and I understand the nature within me that even though I want to be a successful career person, but at the same time I want to take on the role of (hopefully in the future!) a successful stay-home mom too. And I know that could never happen if I were to continue climbing some corporate ladder or go running along with the rat pack in the working life outside.

But one thing the article mentioned, which I felt was relatively true. That women would have to face one very large obstacle before they can start-up a business online - that is, their lack of computer knowledge.

I believe we can learn everything from scratch - from computer terms all the way to all the tools necessary to start a website, such as cheap web hosting. And just like what I did when I first started blogging, I read a lot from just about everywhere in the Internet. There are just so many resources you can go to for all the useful information you need.

From the reliability of cheap web hosting to finding one that is most suitable for beginners like me, WebHostingRating has all the information you need to know about web hosting specifications and tutorials. It did me great help when I read through the articles, so perhaps it would be useful for you too!

Friday, May 16, 2008

If you keep on thinking too much, your brain will explode!

You see, some people I know love to indulge in misery and frustration in life. Strange huh? Does that make them feel more alive or something? Instead of figuring out a resolution to a problem, they would channel all their mind's energy to dwelling in some melancholic thoughts about why aren't things working out? Why like this? Oh why like that?

Instead of drawing yourself deeper towards negative emotions, why can't you just take a deep deep breath, let it all out slowly, and brace yourself up to start a new day? Be positive! Go ponder and rant all you want in 1 hour and that's it! Life has to go on, so cheer up! There are lots of people worse off than what you and I or as a matter of fact, all of us are facing.




I believe there's always hope.

Time for some spa?

Well, we all know that as the year draws closer towards the middle of the year, things at work will get much busier ten-times fold. That was exactly what happened to me a year ago! Haha. Pretty much around the same time last year, I was so hungry for some time out from all crazy routines in my life.

And at that instant, I think I immediately knew what I needed to soothe all those bad days. Haha. What else but a spa! Oh... time for relaxation and some pampering. Time for some spa and beautifying session!! I'm a girl, ok? Accept the fact that girls adore such indulgence in life. *grins*

So if you're up for a fantastic self-pampering session over in this historic and charming town of Kapaa, I suggest you head over to Kauai Day Spa and Salon, the full fledged beauty house that offers you everything from Kauai spa or Kauai day spa, Kauai massage, other body treatments, waxing, and etc.

They even offer full-fledged bridal services for Kauai weddings, and not forgetting a special spa package as well. Isn't that wonderful? You see, for most things now, you can almost get everything covered in one place right? Fuss-free, and definitely making life simple for all of us.

So head over to Kauai for a great, relaxing time where their professional therapists will exert their every bit of strength to ensure that all guests would receive only indisputably top service there. Yeah, you bet I'll walk out of there a happy woman! Haha.

Girls gain weight when they are happy

I suppose you could say I'm generalizing the entire female race in this context but when you come to think about it, there's actually truth behind it. In fact, I think even the male species suffer from this syndrome too! Haha.

Most people would actually start gaining weight when they are in cloud number 9. Many examples around me seem to point towards that direction too. I've got a good friend who just hooked up with the man of her life and she claims she's actually starting to get chubbier and all.

And I believe her really. Haha. Because of late, she has been taking pictures only from certain angles! Deja-vu, really. Because that's exactly what I've been doing!! :p
I'm sure most would realize that if you were to take photos 45 degrees looking up, your face would be angled in such a way that makes you look as if you've just lost 10kg almost that instant!

True or not? Haha. :p

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Have you seen the Dockers TV commercials?

If you've still not heard about the Dockers TV commercial contest that has been all abuzz currently, which planet did you come from? Haha. Everyone is talking about the Dockers commercials!


You should really take a look at some of the videos that have been submitted for the contest. Some of them are simply hilarious and genuinely creative! They all deserve nothing less than a huge applause for their stunning videos.

And one particular Dockers commercial really caught my attention! I knew it was going to be something wicked when the video was aptly titled "Do it in Dockers". The opening music simply caught me off wired when it came blasting away with this smashing "action-packed" tune. Nice... And the on the first few frames, the camera followed this guy, caught in an adultery act -- all the time wearing his Dockers! Oh my, you should really see his frozen look. Classic. Though I'm not really sure if this entry, as hilarious as it may be, is in line with Dockers' direction but it sure did tickle some funny bones! Haha.

Basically just about anyone and everyone can submit their creative entries for this Dockers contest. All you need is some genuine ideas and mash them all up with your out-of-the-world imagination, perhaps a videocam and voila! You're on your way to Dockers heavens. Haha.

But before you start, maybe it's a good idea to run through the Dockers website to get some inspiration on what you need to impress your voters. So what are you waiting for? Slip on your Dockers and... camera, lights, ACTION!

Sponsored by Dockers

When you cannot lead, you become a burden

If you truly know me personally, I can be quite critical at times. I appreciate any opportunity to learn from people who can teach me things I don't already know. I love learning from people who can enlighten me and give me the positive energy to move forward.

But what I despise the most are people who are coming to be parasites. Yes, sounds harsh but it's still the word that I'm going to use here. If you cannot move the same pace as I am when as a matter of fact we have the exact same roles to play, then you are a parasite, a burden. Let's not even talk about the unfulfilled pledges.

Some people just don't realize the harshness of the reality out there. Life isn't a bed of roses. It can be, occasionally. But not all the time. When it should have been time for you to do something strong and meaningful in your life and you didn't, then you are just another one of those punks on the street who prefers running away from reality and living a pretentious life.

So once again I would say this. If you cannot prove yourself to be strong enough, then you are a burden. Do something about it.

DeathNote is coming to the theaters!

For those uninitiated, the film DeathNote is actually based on the best-selling manga with a supernatural-action-mystery theme. The manga was such a hit among readers that it has now been translated to live action on the big screen!

Basically, this thriller follows the story of a student, Light Yagami who somehow found the Death Note, which is actually a notebook that was dropped by a Shinigami death god, Ryuk. And the thing here is, those names found written in the book are condemned to death. And so, Light vowed to use the supernatural power of the Death Note to uphold justice, by getting rid of all evil criminals in the world. And when criminals actually start dying mysteriously, a legendary detective named "L" was sent by the authorities to investigate the matter. And all investigations finally led L to Light. Both seem to think that they are on the right side of justice. But which will eventually triumph over the other?

Now that is one very mind provoking story I would say. It's no wonder that many has caught on the Death Note craze. But seriously, if I really were to have supernatural characteristics, I want to be able to fly. Haha. Yes, like Superman and most recently, Iron Man. Then I can see the world in a bird's eye view, at an entirely different perspective.

So back to Death Note, all thanks to NCM Fathom and Viz Pictures, you can now catch DeathNote in selected theaters nationwide for a 2 night exclusive viewing of the movie on May 20th and 21st at 7.30 pm. Seatings are limited, so get your tickets early by purchasing tickets in advance now! Simply enter your zip code in the search feature in the FathomEvents website to get started.

Oh I can't wait to catch the movie in the theaters!

Sponsored by NCM Fathom

Gearing up for a vacation

*sniff sniff* I can smell a vacation coming my way... Haha.

Though still like a month away, the happy feeling is growing within me day by day. Supergirlfriend will be going for a holiday!!! Haha. Not much of a vacation to shout about, but still a vacation to call my own. Since now that I'm no longer tied down to work and all, with all the freedom in hand, maybe it's time to take control of my own life huh.

A vacation can most definitely make me wanna work much harder to earn the moolahs because I know I'll be using a whole big chunk of my moolah for it. Haha. Since we're already going for a vacation, then better go all out mah! That has always been one of my life principles. If I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it the best I can. No half-hearted effort. And that applies even for my vacations! Haha.

Work hard, must also play hard! Gotta balance the equation.... *wink wink*

I would like to see Guess sponsoring my blog

You know, there's just so much to blogging that ignites the fire within me to keep on writing and writing and writing. Besides my blog being one of the places where I pour my heart and soul in, it's also a place where I enjoy spending my time the most - all thanks to the monetary rewards that bloggers can get nowadays.

There are certainly countless of brand names which I would love to see sponsoring my blog. But first and foremost, I would love to see Guess being on the list. Haha. Why you would probably ask. Well it's simple really. Guess is one of my favourite brand names, be it the Guess clothings, Guess watches, Guess handbags and pretty much everything that carries the brand name, Guess.

And of course, there should be Nike on my wishlist of blog sponsors as well because I adore Nike very very much! There's this really nice pair of Nike footwear that my mum bought for me years ago which is still in my keepsake till today. It goes everywhere with me! Haha. So having Nike as advertisers in, and at the same time have it sponsoring my blog, would definitely be of immense sentimental value to me.

Okay, and how about some Pepsi then? Pepsi would be good. Definitely one of my favourite soft drinks to date. I somehow prefer Pepsi over their tightest competitor. Maybe heavy endorsements by celebrities have something to do with it eh. *grins*

And if I were to pen down my entire wishlist in this post, it won't fit. I'm serious! There's just too many advertisers that I would like to see in And I would love to see some of those listed above being realised. If that were to happen, it would be out of this world!

Sponsored by SocialSpark

The girl who doesn't bathe for 3 days - Part 2

Yes, let's get back to the story of the girl who doesn't bathe in 3 days. And now, I think I can officially announce to the rest of the world that the girl, as of this moment in time, has successfully NOT bathed for 4 days!?! What the....?!

Haha. I'm not kidding. Don't ask me how I get the statistics. I just know.
I seriously never thought that some people can actually have such high tolerance towards dirt. *shouts* Girls are supposed to be clean!

And to think I actually have to come into close proximity with her almost every single day! Whenever possible, I would always steer clear of her, standing at least 2 metres from where she's standing. I cannot stand seeing her dandruffs falling from her hair like some snowflakes during winter!

Can you imagine that?! Help...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The power of Edu Text Links

I've not always been very a very internet savvy kind of person all along. But I do know that building links, or more specifically building incoming links is one of the keys to boost the ranking of a website in search engines. The more inbound links a page has, the more popular the page is measured to be. And we all know that search engines place high interest in popular pages.

For those of you, especially owners of web-based business or webmasters who somehow hadn't caught on the buzz about all these Search Engine Optimization (SEO) frenzy yet, it's really high time that you do so. And the wonderful thing about this is you can now get experts chipped in to help you in building those valuable links!

And not just any links I would say. Edutextlink is a link building and link development strategists who can help you with building hugely valuable edu links. Now why edu links? These links are more highly priced due to its higher authority than your usual .com, .net or even .org in helping to beautifully position your website on search engines.

If you hadn't already known, major search engines like Google and Yahoo have the tendency to value both .edu and .gov links much more than all your common links. For one, there are far less .edu or even .gov websites than .com,.net or .org websites (which you can find in abundance). Secondly, in order to actually obtain those domains, you must be a registered educational institution or government agency to get one. Furthermore, these education websites are most likely to be over a decade old and have already established itself with thousands of incoming links.

And we all know how much trouble it is to actually get our hands on even one link from a .edu domain (yes, you can go check with any SEO experts on this one!). But over at Edutextlink, you can leave all the worries to these professionals and they will be the one going through all the trouble for you so that you can build effective links for your website. Go check them out!

Sponsored by Edu Text Link

A race against time

Both me and Superboyfriend do not always find ourselves in situations when we are literally racing against time. He's frantically typing or modifying some codes on the computer while me, on the other hand, I'm frantically typing on the lappie to finish up some work.

Both work are due REAL soon. Kinda hate this kind of adrenaline rush at times. But it's really surprising how fast you can finish a job when you're actually feeling the heat of the moment. Both submission is today. And time is fast ticking away as always.

Tick tock tick tock... *sweats*

These fabulous wigs look so real!

Gone were those days when wigs looked so unnatural and fake when worn over your head. I even had a friend who used to wear hair extensions that looked rather out of place and instantly recognisable as cheap, fake material. Since then, I have never given much thought about wigs because I've not found the ones that actually looked genuine enough to pass off as the real deal.

And you can imagine my surprised when I saw the catalogue of wigs off Voguewigs. They looked so real! For once, wearing wigs, hair extensions or even hairpieces now looked more natural! Browsing through the photos there actually made me want to grab a wig as well and change my hairdo every week or so! Haha.

And there's actually a lot of choices to go at Voguewigs really. There's the beautiful Monofilament Wigs, basically recommended to people who are looking for the best (not to mention, most genuine!) cancer or medical wigs attributed to hair-loss conditions.

Or you can even go for the Revlon Wigs. These ultra glamourous wigs are designed using the lightest, softest material and are constructed using the most high quality synthetic fibers around. Wow... You should really take a look at the wigs they have to offer here. It's simply fabulous! So if you're one of those who suffers from sensitive scalps, hair loss or simply want the best of the wigs, this should fit you perfectly!

What's more, there's the Raquel Welch Wigs for you to choose from. You can now look through her amazing collection of versatile hair wigs, clip in extensions and even addition hairpieces. Using the latest technology that would give you the ultimate comfort and fit, the Raquel Welch collection is definitely one of the most luxurious collections around!

So if you're looking for some really fabulous wigs that look and fit as perfectly as can be from every price range, Voguewigs would be your best bet to find them.

The girl who doesn't bathe for 3 days - Part 1

Okay, unless you're someone who's trapped in the jungle or whose work calls for you getting down and dirty all the time in some mud hole, I can understand why bathing would seem like a futile action. But for someone who works in the luxury of air-conditioned space all day long?

Someone I know seem to have redefined a man's (not me, I'm a girl ok?! Haha) understanding of a woman, recently. Somehow, this man told me that he believes that women are clean creatures. Yes, clean meaning people who take care of their hygiene.

He nearly got the shock of his life (not to mention disgust) when he heard about this friend of mine who doesn't bath at least 2 days in a row, maybe even 3. Yes! Disgusting right?? Why got people like that one????!!!

If the person above was her, the fish wouldn't have made it. Sure sei jor!

Ugh. You should see her hair. So geli-fying! Looks dead and sticky and all dandruffy. How in the world does the customers she serve tolerate such dirt? I mean, I have worked in air-conditioned space all day long before and I know you would still get sticky despite staying out of the heat.

I'm getting gelified already now. Next time okay, next time I shall talk more about this. Bleark!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

John Rambo is back!

Now who can forget Rambo? Sylvester Stallone stars in this movie that propelled him to action hero stardom. Seriously, I was barely out of my diapers when I first caught a rerun of the first installment. I wasn't exactly born yet when it came out originally in 1982. So I didn't particularly recall much about Rambo's first installment, First Blood.

But I knew my entire family were a huge fan of Stallone in this role that was crafted perfectly to portray him as the classic action hero with his signature army knife. And now, guess what? The guys at NCM Fathom is bringing Rambo First Blood to the big screens for a one night event on May 15th, 7.30 pm!

Yes, in other words, you can see John Rambo in action once again on the big screens in the movie that started the entire Rambo saga! After watching the trailer, it seriously got the memories all flooding back into my mind again. I mean, Stallone looked awfully young?! Haha.

And this one night show also include a never-before-seen alternate ending following the movie and... *drums roll please*... an exclusive interview with John Rambo, Mr. Sylvester Stallone himself!

And if you think you're such a big Rambo fan, why not take part in the First Blood Pop Quiz and see how much you actually know about Rambo? Go on, take the quiz. This should be fun...!

Sponsored by NCM Fathom

I can't stand the weather

OH what is wrong with the weather these days??!

When night falls, it gets so warm it messes up with your sweet dreams and you'll be occupying yourself with the constant fanning to keep your body temperature cool. And during day time, you'd want to think a hundred times before stepping out of the house because the heat outside is enough to make you wanna walk in a custom suit filled with ice.

Just came back from a meeting, and I've already bathed like twice! It's just so hot! Oh god... I miss the rain... *suddenly starts singing* Raindrops keep falling on my head...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

You can't even afford RM50?

Supergirlfriend encountered a really hilarious (in a cynical way) situation last night. You see, I have this friend of mine whom I don't really want to be associated with but whose affiliation with me would garner some useful insight into something that would benefit me. So this friend asked for my help last night.

It wasn't such a big deal of a help to be frank. I could've gotten the job done in a blink of an eye because the job that needed to be done was something of my profession. So I quoted him a price for the job, RM50. Now the thing is, I couldn't imagine someone having to travel all the way to the bank just to deposit anything lesser than RM50. Think RM10 and you'll see why both his effort (and mine as well!) isn't worth it.

This photo is taken from

I suppose he was expecting me to charge RM10, or even better do it for free, but a job is still a job. And he's not exactly a friend whom I would truly call a friend, if you get what I mean here. So RM50 was a fair deal, as the price was already way below the market price for the job.

To my surprise, this was what he replied.

"Sorry but I have already found an English teacher who is willing to do it voluntarily for me. Next time you should consider charging a better rate"

I didn't go like "what the fcuk", instead I can't help but laugh. Haha. How could someone who is running a supposedly big money-making business in Damansara couldn't even afford RM50, and was childish enough to reply me in such a manner. OMG. What a joke!

Hey, come to think about it, maybe he's not exactly making money huh. Hahahahahha...

This is my style, what's yours?

When it comes to fashion trends, Nicole Kidman is my true fashion icon. No one embodies the definition of classic fashion style other than the talented and absolutely gorgeous actress. A true fashion icon in every sense, you can hardly ever catch her in mismatched outfits or in any fashion faux paus.

Nicole Kidman would amaze you with her tremendous sense of fashion, with stylish hairdos to silky smooth bareback dresses. And as for me, my fashion style evolves around only 2 matters - simplicity and comfort. I have never fancied anything extravagant in designs, and I'm basically a T-shirt and capri pants type of girl.


And I'm one who's absolutely crazy over Dockers pants too -- especially their capri pants! Well, if you are interested in what Dockers have to offer in their clothing line, you can always check out the Dockers Online store.

And if you don't already know, you can create a TV commercial for the Dockers contest, which can feature a Dockers' version of your own fashion trend and stand a chance to win big! So this is where your fashion sense comes into play, where you get to play both as the actor and director for the video! Enjoy where your creativity and passion in fashion drives you because I believe everyone has their own taste in fashion.

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When you can't think straight...

Supergirlfriend is in this ultimate limbo mode right now because she has so much tasks at hand, and yet time is ticking away furiously.

OMG... can someone stop the drowsiness in me now? And yes, please stop the time as well. Can hardly think straight at such unearthly hours. I need only to wait for a few more hours to see the sunrise.

. I've not been sleeping at such hours for quite a while now, and now that I'm suddenly breaking the routine, I feel like a zombie...

And I miss my bed...

The story of my favourite pants

I have to say that I'm seriously not a skirt person because the amount of pants I have in my closet could easily outnumber whatever little pieces of skirt left hidden in some dark corner, by fifty to one.

I just feel more comfortable walking around in my favourite pair of capri pants rather than in some stylish chic dress that would have probably made me even more drop-dead gorgeous (haha!). But comfy's the issue for me. And when it comes to my favourite pants, I literally live with it, eat with it, run with it, dance with it and so much more.


Nothing can part me from my Dockers' capri pants!! Haha. You can always check out the Dockers Store Online for the latest in store... because that's where I usually go to look for new arrivals. Love them all!

And when I'm in love with what I'm wearing, it naturally gives me the confidence to start the day as well. Which is really why I wear it from morning, all the way till it leaves me into the laundry basket in the evening. So despite all the walking and running with those pants, it will never be worn out when there's me, constantly making sure that it's receiving its daily dose of tender loving care.

So that's it, that's the story of my favourite pants! If you have your own stories to tell (which I'm pretty sure you have!), why not go for the Dockers contest and take on the role as the actor-director-producer for your own video documenting your own stories of your pants? Haha.

Get prepared for some serious fun here! Yeah, so once it's all done, you can then submit your videos to the Dockers TV Commercial Contest and stand a chance to win! It's that simple.

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What happens when you cook for your mum?

I was talking about celebrating Mother's Day previously, and just as I had almost run out of ideas on what to give my mum... a sudden thought struck my mind! :p

Mum, shall I cook for you? *grins*

Over the past few years, we would celebrate Mother's Day with a cake, and during my kiddie years till my schooling years, I would include a hand-made card as well for mum. But now too lazy lah to play around with coloured pens (or even colour pencils!)

But this year, I got kinda bored with the cakes in Secret Recipe. Balik balik the same ol' cakes. Jelak. So, perhaps a meal for mum then? Mum, what do you say about this? (I know my mum's not going to read this! Hah!)

So it's going to be a surprise then! Mum... prepare yourself for a feast!! :p

If you like horror movies, you're going to like Frontier(s)!

If you're one of those who relish for horror movies, I'm sure you're going to like this one. Frontier(s) was actually deemed too horrific for mainstream theaters, and this movie is unrated, which would make it a film that is quite likely to be ridden with controversials.


I just caught the Trailer for this movie, and if I hadn't muted the volume, I don't think I'd still be able to sleep tonight. The thing about horror movies like Frontier(s) is that, the music plays really deep into your feelings and gives you the chills you (don't) need when you watch movies that are laden with blood, gruesome scenes, more blood, and endless screams.

Judging from Frontier(s) trailer, I know I'm going to need a pillow to hug and plant my screams in. I mean, merely shutting your eyes when watching movies like Frontier(s) just isn't enough! Haha. Which is why I don't usually run to the nearest theater the moment a horror movie is showing. I have really faint heart! I don't think I can make it past the entire movie without having bouts of endless nightmares later on.

But I'm sure a friend of mine would certainly go for Frontier(s). She's like the ultimate horror movie fan who would sit through any horror movie without blinking an eye (because she doesn't want to miss any scenes!).

And since Frontier(s) is such a disturbing movie to watch, it's only shown in selected theaters. From what I can see from the theater listings, none of the theaters are actually near where I am! OH, I would have loved to drag that friend of mine to watch it together... I really want to find out how this movie is "too horrific for mainstream theaters"!

Oh, for more on the movie Frontier(s) or even on other horror movies, you can also check out Bloody-Disgusting, your No.1 source for all things horror. *grins*

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This Sunday is Mother's Day!

Well, for those uninitiated, this coming Sunday is Mother's Day...


I know it isn't Sunday yet, but what the heck?! Haha. I've got many things running round my mind at this very moment. Should I make my way back, splash some moolah on some luxurious (but overpriced!) meal with my mum OR should I just stay put in KL and wait for the Mother's Day fever to die off and only celebrate with her next week?

I still haven't got my thinking through yet. I'm a rather indecisive girl you see. Haha. Ah...If only I can bake cakes or even cupcakes like dear Y, that would have solved much of the problem.

Sifoo Y, when I'm a little bit more free, I'll start bugging you to teach me some baking skills already yeah... *wink wink* :p

I signed up for SocialSpark

SocialSpark marks yet another milestone for bloggers as fellow bloggers can now have a brand new marketplace that houses many fantastic opportunities to earn some monetary rewards for merely going what we all love doing most. What's more, signing up as a member of SocialSpark also helps to drive traffic into your blog, as well as help us in building our own communities!

When I found out about SocialSpark from a friend, and after having read what they can offer to me as a blogger, the opportunity was just too good to be missed. I mean, the moment you step onto the main page, you know they're different. And they made sure they stamped their mark on matters concerning the ethics in SocialSpark too.

What I like about it is their 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure, meaning, my readers would actually know that I'm being paid for the content that I'm writing and that I'm being transparent about it. No need for guesses.

What's more, every participation in SocialSpark is made viewable to everyone else. There's no playing hide and seek because the public can see which blogger is actually working with which advertiser. Writing reviews for SocialSpark also allows me to maintain my own real opinions, where I am actually free to share my thoughts and express myself.

But most of all, each sponsored link in SocialSpark would automatically carry the "no-follow" attribute which is designed to protect us bloggers from search engine penalties when it comes to writing paid posts.

Now with so much to gain as a blogger here, I can't wait to begin my journey with SocialSpark!

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Change is difficult

Something that happened to my best sister today reminds me of a saying, that "change is difficult". No one likes things to change. Most people like getting comfortable in their own comfort zone. But the thing about change is that, it will never stop. Whether you like it or not, there will always be changes.

No one's life is ever stagnant and remains the same forever. And throughout your lifetime, there is always bound to have this constant change happening in your life which will eventually shape you to be who you are today. Someone once told me, "You are who you are today, because of the things you did 5 years ago"

And there is absolute truth to that. The fact that I've changed from a timid little girl, to a popular sweet young thing, to pure anonymity, and finally to one that embraces freedom and individuality is a result of the events that took place in my life over the years. No one said that change is easy. You just need time to adapt to it. And then, you'll be fine.


Be strong, sis!

A ray of hope for those with bad credit

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Are you in Florida already?

Last night, mum told me that my bro in already in the States. Somewhere. Haha. But he's yet to reach his soon-to-be-home-for-the-next-2-months in Florida. But based on my calculations, he should be there already by now. *shouts to bro* Yo BRO, how's the weather there??

So, Florida... bro said the last time he went there, he visited NASA. Wow... the first thought that flashed in my mind upon hearing the 4 letter word was a spectacular rocket blasting up into the sky and out of the Earth's atmosphere.

Cool... Can I go too? Haha.

And he went to Disneyland as well. OH Disneyland... the land of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse!! Bro, if somehow you're reading this, please get me something nice okay. Don't come back empty-handed yeah. Haha. I'm counting on you! You da man! :p

I just joined Pay Per Post, ladies and gentlemen

Okay, I have to admit that I'm pretty outdated when it comes to writing review in blogs. But I figure since most people are already hopping into this wave of review writing, there must be something really attractive going on about it.

Frankly speaking, this isn't the first time I've heard about Pay Per Post (PPP). In fact, it was the first name the was brought forth to me by a friend when I first started blogging late last year. But at that time, I didn't put much thought into it because I was still struggling with getting accustomed to the world of blogging.

Now that I'm starting to get the hang of things, I went over to PPP the other day and submitted my blog for approval. For me as a blogger, writing reviews satisfies me in the monetary sense, while helping to promote a certain product or even a business that a certain advertiser has to offer.

As a matter of fact, just the thought of writing our own thoughts and recommendations about a certain product and having to stand a chance to earn money out of it is enough to get anyone excited I suppose. There's of course, nothing to lose and only so much to gain - both for us, bloggers and also advertisers.

Oh I can't wait to start this!

Monday, May 5, 2008

I just got myself a new bag!

Yeah, since my precious L.O.V.E actually died on me after serving me faithfully for almost 2 whole years, I decided to get myself a brand new bag. Haha.

I just gotta have my totes!! Haha. It just doesn't feel comfortable going anywhere without carrying my stuff in my big big bag. And so, just as I was going to buy a brand new bag, my darling mum just gave me a new bag! So sweet of her...

Okay, the bottom part looks something like this... haha :p

And I absolutely love the bag! It's light metallic gold and shaped like really fat balloon tote! Absolutely stunning. I love it! Thanks, mum...! *hugs* My mum has great taste, and she's sometimes even more fashionable than I am. Haha. :p

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Such a wonderful service for students these days...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Barley drink to save the day!

Thanks to dear Y and dear zewt for their great honey and lime advice, Supergirlfriend is now feeling much better. Throat seems to be a whole lot more happier and less sore now.

Since Supergirlfriend is back home to her Mum's place, Mum actually boiled a whole big big bowl of barley drink for my sore throat! Awwwwwwwwww..... Hahaha...

Thanks, mum!

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