Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The girl who doesn't bathe for 3 days - Part 1

Okay, unless you're someone who's trapped in the jungle or whose work calls for you getting down and dirty all the time in some mud hole, I can understand why bathing would seem like a futile action. But for someone who works in the luxury of air-conditioned space all day long?

Someone I know seem to have redefined a man's (not me, I'm a girl ok?! Haha) understanding of a woman, recently. Somehow, this man told me that he believes that women are clean creatures. Yes, clean meaning people who take care of their hygiene.

He nearly got the shock of his life (not to mention disgust) when he heard about this friend of mine who doesn't bath at least 2 days in a row, maybe even 3. Yes! Disgusting right?? Why got people like that one????!!!

If the person above was her, the fish wouldn't have made it. Sure sei jor!

Ugh. You should see her hair. So geli-fying! Looks dead and sticky and all dandruffy. How in the world does the customers she serve tolerate such dirt? I mean, I have worked in air-conditioned space all day long before and I know you would still get sticky despite staying out of the heat.

I'm getting gelified already now. Next time okay, next time I shall talk more about this. Bleark!

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