Friday, December 28, 2007

What are you GETTING yourself this 2008?

I'm getting myself more happiness, more great times, more $$, more family time, more travelling time around the globe, success for my company and lots of joy for all my loved ones and fellow bloggers!

Greedy eh? Hehe.. What's yours? :p

Happy New Year everyone! Love y'all!


You're KILLING me! Get that Burberry away...

Well, since Supergirlfriend lives in an apartment (no such luck in living in a house just yet) there's no doubt that she would need to take the lift to get to her house on the 88th floor...

But every single time she steps out of her house to get to the lift in the morning, she would be greeted with this deadly combo of extremely choking smell that reaches out to your lungs and deprive it of clean, breatheable air. Damn it.

Why do some people just wear so much eau de parfum or cologne that it becomes so intoxicating??!! Stop pouring the whole bottle of perfume on your body. Just a dap here and there will do. Otherwise, you're gonna end up getting charged with killing someone on account of intentional intoxication. Bleark!

Even Burberry's Weekend would smell shitty if you were to pour the entire bottle on your body. Get the idea? So give it up, ok? It's bad.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

I bet you've NEVER SEEN this plane before!

Say, what you do think of this huh? :p

Supergirlfriend is impressed. Haha... It looks sooooooo cute!


I offer you RM2500, you work for me or not??

I must have really sweet blood as I'm a constant target for head hunters. I get calls from unfamiliar numbers at least 2 - 3 times a month or e-mails offering me jobs or calling me for interviews.

And there was once. This lady seem VERY desperate and started getting all demanding and dictatorial. She asked me, how much I am getting paid in my current job. Okay, fine. I like straightforward ppl. And I told her that I'm not obliged to tell her my details. Furthermore, it's personal.

She persisted for quite a while. Saying that she will pay me higher. I was like WTF. Can't you accept a NO? (I wasn't looking for a career change as I have other plans in mind)

I was annoyed. So I told her RM2500. At the same time, hoping that she'll get the hint from my tone and GET OFF the line. She started getting all arrogant and told me that what if she can offer me more than 2.5k. I said it depends. She wasn't happy that I wasn't interested. She kept pushing. "Is Tuesday ok? I'll schedule you for an interview". And this went on for some 10 minutes.

Finally, I told her. Okay, give me your e-mail and I'll send you a mail to tell you what's my verdict. She wasn't satisfied but I was ready to cut her off then if she continued blabbering.

I appreciate you calling me but can't you be more pro? haiyah...


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Yes, EAT MORE eat more!

I have friends who makes me feel less like a PIG whenever we hang out for some food. Haha. Yes, I have a tendency to wolf down food like nobody's business (I love food and I enjoy food. Period) so it's really good to have girl friends who can gobble down food too! :p

The worse kind of sight that I ever want to have in front of me while I'm eating are girls who are too afraid to eat even that tiny slice of Oreo Cheese or even that cute karipap a.k.a Chicken Cornish at Secret Recipe. Aiyoh. *faints*

I can lose all my appetite watching how those skinny birds struggling even to finish one tenth of that small slice of cake and the amount of time they actually use to eat it! And they even complain how full they were despite having not eaten at all prior our meeting! OMG. Freaks.

But I appreciate hanging out with this good friend of mine who simply loves eating and actually enjoys it! Oh yeah. Until today, despite having seen her wolf down a huge bowl of mac & cheese with ease and 2 sets of McD breakfast at one go, I cannot understand how she still managed to keep her Kate Moss' figure?!! At least mine's a Hayden Panettiere's.

Haha. Life is unfair. What to do.... :p


May you rest in peace, KUALA LUMPUR...

With the holiday season in full swing, KL is officially dead. :p

Haha. It's so true. Supergirlfriend just came back from a nice break (hey, it's end of the year!) and returned to KL only to find the streets DEAD. There's hardly anyone. What's best? NO TRAFFIC JAM! I got up at 8.30am, ate breakfast and reached my workplace at 9.10am! And you know what? I'm still the earliest to reach! Where are all the people???

I mean, what's KL without the traffic jam??
With that, I declare KL, DEAD.

Yup. Dunno why I'm even at work now counting the few days left before the end of 2007 when everyone else is sleeping at home. Haha. OH!


Friday, December 21, 2007

Auntie, can you NOT WEAR that cute little dress?

Supergirlfriend being the really observative kind (nice word to cover up the "pat-phor" nature within), is extremely sensitive to fashion disasters on people around her.

The best place to observe fashion flaws? Shopping complexes of course! :p

Haha. Many observations can be made within minutes of standing at one corner and watching people as they walk past you. This is what I found:

:: Young teenage girls who just hit puberty dressing up like those Japanese clowns with striped knee-high stockings and strange hairdo and equally strange outfit.

:: Young teenage boys with sex hormones raging in their bodies wearing ultra baggy jeans, barely hanging on to their flat butts, exposing their whatever boxers or underwear.

:: Young sexy hot girls in their 20s wearing what they wear most - sexy, low cut and body hugging dress complete with an Angelina Jolie pout. (trying to act sexy)

:: Mamas in their 40s wearing cute little dresses meant for young sexy hot girls, complete with a 'bombed' coloured hairdo! OH. This one sure gets to me. I can't believe they can actually walk out of their house putting that on! I feel so "pai-seh" just by looking at you... :p

Act your age and wear something your age. I'm not saying mamas in their 40s should wear auntie-like outfits, but my mum is in her late 50s and at least she wears decent clothes that makes her look elegant instead of portraying a look that screams MID-LIFE CRISIS!!!


Does your BOYFRIEND annoy you?

Yeah, I'm posing this question to the whole female clan on Earth.

Just a few days back, I was out with Superboyfriend to catch a movie at GSC Midvalley. Everything was well, we grabbed excellent seats, got the tickets in hand and we were early. So we decided to get some popcorns, soft drinks and my fav corn-in-cup.

While queuing up, there was this sudden outburst of an annoying voice blabbering at full blast right behind us. There he is. The FREAK. He started mouthing out really really loud, "AH-LIEN PREH-DAR-TOR TU-EH *laughes out loud to himself then continues...* AH-LEH-VIN EN-DE JIP-MUNGS" *continues laughing freakishly*

Seriously, I was ready to turn around to give him the killer stare before I noticed the freak was bringing a galpal with him. Ai...I can see that she was embarrassed enough to be associated with that freakish bf, so I decided to save him from my killer stare. Count yourself lucky, FREAK!

What did that girl do to deserve such an annoying bf??? I wonder... Poor thing...!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hottest trend for end of 2007 - CHANGE NEW CARS!

People are sure getting richer and richer each day, or the banks are thriving on the loan and credit card business so much that they now give out loans easily. Over the past 2 months, Supergirlfriend has been seeing a steady increase in car number plates beginning with "WQ_ " in her office's car park.

"WQ_" number plates = brand new cars in KL

Wah...looks like the economy in Malaysia is looking much better than I previously thought. People are now adopting a new trend for the year. No, they are not changing their looks or their wardrobe. They are changing CARS!


It all started with the bosses getting their new Toyota Harrier and BMW 5 series respectively, then this lady got her new Toyota Vios, and came this new Suzuki Swift, and now someone just got this new Satria Neo. How amazing!

As far as I can remember, there was no salary increment (the bosses must've used up our $$ to buy new cars) so how the heck did they manage to support a car that comes with a hefty monthly payment of RM600-800? That's like a big half portion of their salary!

I'm happy with my Skyline baby for now. Don't wanna break the bank. :p


Let's do the WEEWEECHU!

Just wanna share this sizzling story with you guys (and girls!)

It was a romantic full moon, when Pedro said, "Hey, mamacita, let's do Weeweechu."
Oh no, not now, let's look at the moon!" said Rosita.

Oh, c'mon baby, let's you and I do Weeweechu.
I love you and it's the perfect time," Pedro begged.

"But I wanna just hold your hand and watch the moon." replied Rosita.
Please, corazoncito, just once, do Weeweechu with me."

Rosita looked at Pedro and said, "OK, one time, we'll do Weeweechu."







Pedro grabbed his guitar and they both sang....."Weeweechu a Merry Christmas, Weeweechu a Merry Christmas, Weeweechu a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!."


Haha. :p


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I love NUFFNANG & nuffnang loves me...


You see the Nuffnang ad on the right hand side of "Girls will be Girls"? That's my 1st iTalk Buddy ad, thanks to Nuffnang! OH, Love you guys!!

And I love the fact that the iTalk ad is actually in BRIGHT PINK! Which of course, is exactly the same colour theme as my blog, only in a different shade. Haha. Which makes me love you even more, Nuffnang. You understood my taste!

Love all the lovable, cute, caring, attentive, suuuuuuuuwit hamsom boys and pretty girls at Nuffnang! :p

Okay well. After expressing my ocean of love for Nuffnang, Asia's First Blog Advertising Community, Supergirlfriend is a lil' bit shy now. But keep it up, Nuffnang! Muaks.


My favourite sports - MEN'S DIVING

This really got Supergirlfriend laughing hysterically.

Just last week, there was this SEA GAMES event going on. Since everyone was terribly bored and feeling dead on a dull and relatively uninspiring weekday afternoon, my colleague decided to switch on the TV to watch something, anything!

OH, what such luck.

There was the Men's Diving Finals going on! WOW. Great timing. Haha. We love watching MEN wearing only their 6-packs and nothing else but their skimpy little Speedos (which resembled underwear anyway). Muahahahahahah...

It lets our wonderfully creative minds run wild with sheer imagination as we drool over how those hunky men flex their bodies in a variety of poses before diving straight into the pool! OH! Look at how the water splashes against their body...!

Haha. :p

P.S. Don't worry Superboyfriend. You are always my No. 1! No one can ever beat how 'toned' your body looks. :p


Monday, December 17, 2007

I love MEN & the Barclays PREMIER LEAGUE

You know, being the female species and the other half of an ardent MU fan kinda creates room for me to explore how football or more specifically, the Barclays (English) Premier League actually affects the male species.


I can't say I'm not a football fan. I love the game and I love the fact that there are 22 gorgeous hunks carrying their 6-packs around one big field chasing after one little ball.

And don't underestimate me. I know how football works. I know what's an offside and how it occurs. I know what's a dangerous tackle that will send the macho men wimping off the field in pure embarrassment after being boo-ed. I know what's a head butt. I know a lot.

But what seriously works for me abt football is when a guy friend told me over the MU vs Liverpool game last night that football is the only place where you can see full-grown macho men scream their balls off, pull their hair in frustration, get all excited, dejected, some even cry - all in one game!

What a passion! Guys think 100 times before they drop a tear in front of girls but never hold a second of thought when they cry over a game lost!

I love the game. :p

Btw, congrats MU! Liverpool, I feel sorry for you in a way after having played such a highly attacking game last night. Look at how bad you guys tortured Van Der Sar. Bad bad...


Old MNG CLOTHES...who wants?

Haha. Me! Me!

This may struck some of you as being strange but yes, Supergirlfriend's mum is planning to donate her old clothes to poor ol' me... *so pitiful !!!!!!!!* :p

Hehe. Well, but in my mum's context for old clothes, it actually means clothes she has only worn once or maximum twice! I'm not kidding. The lady's like a crazed shopaholic who shops for new clothes every so often that she only has the chance to wear each new item only a handful of times! So, what happens to the 'old clothes'?

They come to me! Fortunately. *grins*

I've got no complaints since mum just donated her 'brand new' MNG top to me. Haha. My mum's the happening lot (thankfully, otherwise no such thing as MNG top anymore!) and she's abt the same size as me. So, we pretty much share the same taste in clothes and the same shoe size too! Cool eh.

Love you, mum! :p

Pssst mum, got anymore old clothes??


Friday, December 14, 2007

OH...that BURNING sensation!

Hmmph. Must've been the spicy mee goreng (fried noodles) I had for dinner last night. Haha. *blush blush*

Just out of the toilet and even after baking those chocolate cakes, the fiery effect from the hot & spicy mee goreng is still there! Can still feel the burning sensation out of it! :p

Naughty naughty thoughts eh. I know you are thinking about something else there... *wink*

C'mon, Supergirlfriend strictly adheres to the "U" rating for this blog. Which means it's suitable for general viewing- for your lil kids next door, for your uncles and aunties, for your grampa and grammas, etc. Haha. :p

Have a great weekend, everybody! Remember, don't eat too much spicy food, or you'll end up with a burnt booty!


Have you got a BACK STABBER in your office?

Yes, I have one. And he is certainly one extremely sensitive basta*d.

Gimme a sweet, nice, caring guy who's sensitive to a lady's needs anytime. But what do you do to guys who go over the edge and attempt to take sensitivity to a whole new meaning? I'm afraid I would just have to grab a baseball bat (it's a reflex response!) and whack him to his senses.


It's not good for a guy to be too sensitive you know. Girls get disgusted because they feel they are the ones who should be given attention instead of giving you theirs. People shy away from you for fear of offending you for every little things they do. People despise you. It can get really bad...

But someone I know is certainly not taking the hints around. This is a guy who gets offended ever so easily by just about anything. And just because he has just that bit of influence around, he goes being the boss' complaint ranger (people who reports on the traffic are traffic rangers, while people who goes around backstabbing people are complaint rangers!)

In every organization, there's always someone like that, ain't it? Some little fella who goes around and plays the little double headed snake and kills you with one blow at the back when you aren't watching.

Give me a break lah. It's Friday! *shakes head*


Thursday, December 13, 2007

EARN up to 9k a month!

...that is if you're some young doctor working really really hard in the government sector.

I dunno how true it is, but according to one friend who works as a pharmacist in a government hospital, if the fella really work his brains and hands and legs off, he can earn up to RM9,000/month! And her facial expression showed me how she had hope that she is a doctor instead of a pharmacist.

I'm not impressed at all. I mean, you work like shit only earn RM9k ah? I'm not looking down at RM9k okay. Don't get me wrong. I just don't think that working round the clock every single day and winding up earning RM9k is a great effort. In fact, it's gonna take a toll on your health in the long run and kill you slowly - eating off your social life, leaving you like a lifeless zombie.

Now I understand why people who start their own business will be the ones driving BMWs at a younger age and have the luxury of spending the big bucks AND still have the time for their family. Because there will always be people who are so engrossed in cashing in on the OT claims and allowances and would be so willing to sell their life to these bosses as slaves.

At the end of the day, those slaves will end up working for those with the brains and guts to start their own business. I salute the bosses!


Such BAD LUCK. And the guy died.

This is horrifying. One of supergirlfriend's friends just told her about this not too long ago. Someone at her workplace actually got killed after a tree branch broke and fell directly on that poor guy.

What a drama!

I mean, she said it was really lunch hour and most people are exiting from their offices onto that straight road where they'd head down the road for a cafe. And just so unfortunately and coincidentally, the tree branch actually broke and hit the motorist's neck and BROKE it!

Thank god he died instantly, needn't go through any sufferings. But what are the possibilities for one such bad luck! The road was a straight road, everyone was tailing one another, and it must be that very moment - that very second- that it fell onto that motorist guy!

Chilling. When I saw a broken tree branch laying across the road near my house when I drove just this morning, I freaked a little. Like people always say, when you're fated to die, you can never escape death. And no one can take your place!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Guys, stop looking at her BOOTY please...

Supergirlfriend walked out of her apartment in a lazy mode this morning only to get startled as she witnessed a hideous fashion crime!

Eyes ZOOM IN on the lady's booty...
I'm straight ok. Haha. Don't get the wrong idea.

Hips swaying left and right and my my...such a tight pants she's got there! It looked like the threads are just about to give way anytime now. It's gonna explode! WOW. Guys would definitely love this sight. IF not for the...


Hey lady, I appreciate that you have a nice, round butt. But if you're planning to wear a catwoman suit, please check out your panties to see if the panty line is visible? Because it looks really bad on you. It's NOT SEXY at all. Get it?

And guys, stop staring at her butt. You've got a butt too. Look at your own. I know, I can't help it too but I'm a girl and I'm straight and that's different! Hahah. :p


My friends got brainwashed by ALIENS!

No kidding. They really got brainwashed by E.T. so much so that they start talking in strange languages that Supergirlfriend does not understand!

Ever had those moments when you get lost in the conversation with your friends? Not having understood what the heck they are bitching abt?

Well, I've had those moments recently. 4 friends. 4 different occupations. One's an engineer, the other's a jr. pharmacist, and the other two, a medical sales rep and an IT helpdesk exec respectively. Supergirlfriend is of course in the language line, a writer - the most artistic of them all. :p

I can understand the pharmacist and the medical sales rep speaking on the same channel since they are afterall working in the medic line. And of course the engineer who grew up with a nurse mummy would understand something besides knowing that Panadol is paracetamol. And of course the IT helpdesk exec would also understand a little because they all work in the same town and hang out together every week.

Which leaves the Supergirlfriend in the most isolated profession of them all. What the heck are they talking about? Stop using medical jargons when you're talking, girls. I know my W.B. Yeats and T.S. Eliot but what's up with all those medical terms? You won't appreciate me talking all Shakespearean to you too right?

Sigh. Just talk like normal friends, for goodness sake. Forget about E.T.!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

You are SO CHEAP!

And why do I say that?

My rich housemate, Rac just returned from her one-week holiday trip to Japan.

BUT the thing that I get sooooo pissed off is when she left 4 items on my bed. You must be wondering what they are right? Maybe a bagful of chocolates? Or some fridge magnets? know, decent souvenirs that can pass off as souvenirs...

Instead, those 4 items are:

:: 1 little miniature box (the size of a match box) of little chocolates
:: Another little miniature box of little chocolates - coffee flavour
:: 1 small pack that consists of 1 rice cracker
:: Another small pack of that 1 piece of rice cracker

What do you think? Are these souvenirs or free gifts she got on the airplane since she's flying first class? And those 4 items are to be shared with Superboyfriend! OMG. She is so cheap!

I'm perfectly fine if she's not able to get any souvenirs since I can go and get them myself next year, BUT this is an INSULT!

You call those souvenirs meh? Even my friend who went to Shanghai got me a nice fridge magnet! I'm sure some of you must be saying, "Wah, this girl here is so ungrateful for what she's received". But the thing is. I would rather get nothing at all, than to get a couple of items that looked like...miserable freebies! *sigh*


Thanks for being friends of SUPERGIRLFRIEND!

Before I mention anything else, a million thanks and a zillion hugs and kisses to the Two Superheroes for having me as their special friends. Haha.. I am honoured. Thanks guys!

To carry on spreading the love and gratitude, I would like to send my own thank you wishes to a few bloggers who have been really special to me since "Girls will be Girls" started. Thank you guys (and girls) so much for all your support and love! Love y'all! :p

Many many *hugs* to:



Monday, December 10, 2007

Do you DRIVE in KL? Then you've gotta see this...

OH. I am so pissed off with some drivers in KL.
Can't you people ever learn the meaning of being courteous drivers?

Lemme teach you some manners here, you retards.

Rule #1 : Lift up your hand when you intend to cut before my car.
Don't think just because you're some idiot driving an Extrail, you can get away with taking my place in line ok? Even if you're driving a blady Hummer or sth, you'd better learn some etiquettes. At least have the courtesy to smile and lift up your blady hand.

Rule #2 : Even when it's really jammed, stay in your blady line.
Everyone's queueing up already. So do your part and stick to your line. You're not the only one whose time is precious ok. I lose millions when I'm stuck in a jam too.

Rule #3 : Don't play flashing head lights at me when you need me to stop my car to give you way.
You think just because you've got neon lights, you can keep blinding people with those lights issit? I've got eyes to see. If I need to give you way, I will. Otherwise, don't FLASH. Or I'll just flash you back.

Start using your brains before you drive today. It's never too late to learn.


Going for WAR issit?

Haha. Otherwise, what do you need THOSE BIG WATER BOTTLES for??

Hey, don't glare at me. Haha... I didn't say that. It was Superboyfriend! :p
Well, this was what happened you see.

I woke up late for work. Okay, so I suppose many people must be having the same thoughts as the lift was cramped with lotsa people. *help! choking and gasping for fresh air!*
We noticed that a certain lady who was really well-dressed and all with a nice handbag was carrying this really, I mean REALLY BIG & hideous looking water tumbler.

I hadn't noticed it at first (I usually look for accessories, not water bottles!) until Superboyfriend mentioned it to me. Haha. And the bottle really looked like those that the army could possibly carry. It's dark green, with some safety net strapped onto it, the plastic bottle looked inches tough and could probably carry up to 3 litres of water! WOW.

Oh. Maybe it doubles as a weapon as well! You see a suspicious male creep, you whack him with those water tumblers!

Confirm pengsan (faints). Haha.


Friday, December 7, 2007

I am sooo HAPPY working as a CLERK!

Supergirlfriend just met up with a girl friend the other day.
And of course, being girls...we would proceed to chat about anything under the sky...

AND THEN, this topic came up.

She told me that she is sooooo contented working as a clerical staff and she even looked genuinely happy when talking abt it!

My jaw dropped. (no offence to all other clerks in the world)

What? I looked at her in disbelief. She'd probably didn't notice my expression as she carried on with her yadda yadda yadda about how near her work place is to her house, how convenient it was for her, how easy was her job and etc.

She's a degree holder. Yeah, no big deal these days. But it sure tells something! I spent nearly 20 years of your life studying to be a clerk? What the fcuk! Clerks became clerks because they lack qualification, and even they want to UPGRADE themselves. Not downgrade!

Haven't you got a dream? An aspiration? A desire to have a better life? Anything at all???

I guess that's not the case for her. At least she's somehow happy.

I feel sick. Maybe some girls are just waiting for a rich and handsome prince charming to sweep them off their feet, or maybe they just want a simple life. Count me out!


You call yourself a MAN ah?

Supergirlfriend has gotta note this down.
The day the Boss wept...

Halfway through his speech during a party he threw for the company, he started muttering words instead of saying them loud.
A few more words later, his face changed quite notably and obviously.
Then a few more incomprehensible mutterings later, his facial expression indicates an effort to control this thing quite taboo and sensitive to some of those MACHO men out there.

This thing called tears.

WOW. I must admit that I was quite stunned and impressed at the same time that the stone-faced man could actually weep! That moment, the Boss appeared like a real man for once.

And for me, a real man weeps. Don't throw your machoism or male chauvinism at me for I will whack them all back to you. Don't tell me you weep blood...or real men don't cry..

It only makes us all more human.


Thursday, December 6, 2007

WARNING : This is a BORING post

Remember I mentioned I used to be a writer (still IS occasionally!) and an editor? (see related post)

THIS is what happens when a writer gets a writer's block. Supergirlfriend simply doesn't know what to write in the blog when this happens. So, when she can't think of anything to bitch about or to brag about because she simply did not have enough sleep last night and it has jeopardized her mind's ability to function as it should be, THIS is what she writes about.

She writes about not being able to write about anything! And yet, since you're reading this post now, it also means that she has successfully translated her wandering blank thoughts into a complete post! Amazing how the brain of a mentally blocked writer works. :p

And you've just wasted a few seconds of your life reading a mindless post!

Kill me.

Haha. :p

Note : Chill out... To anyone who's reading this, it's all in the name of innocent FUN! Take a break! :p


OMG! She really tripped!


This is like the best thing that ever happened to me today.

She tripped! Hahahahahaah.. I just knew this day would come! (check out related post)

I didn't mean it, you know? I really wasn't waiting for the day you trip! (I was praying for it!)Didn't thought you'd really TRIP!!

Ahahaha.....! The look on her face the moment I turned and so fortunately saw her missed a step and landed on her booty? OH. Priceless.

That must hurt. Wear high heels some more lah. Hehe. Too bad only a few people saw your most embarrassing moment. *hai-yah, wasted!*

But still...

You made my day, girl.

I'm so bad. :p


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Don't go SHOPPING during SALES!!!

Strange but true...
for Supergirlfriend, that is.

I dunno why I but I never quite liked shopping during sales. WHY?

1) There's just soooo many people shopping with you and things can easily turn ugly. Just like the one time I saw at the Isetan SALE. *gulp*

I dunno what happened to those people but they looked like they come from war-torn countries in desperate need for food and water. They all looked so hungry! Hungry for clothes and accessories and bags and shoes....! I was freaked. Makes me wonder whether they are possessed or something. It's scary how ugly Malaysians can become.

2) During sales, most shops take out their old stocks in order to get rid of them

So don't expect to see much of the usual displays or latest arrivals during sales because they are much likely to be hidden away. The sales is absolutely the best time for them to clear the old stocks and the really really old stocks, which I don't quite fancy because of its conditions.

But on certain occasions, I actually managed to grab some really good bargains. OH WAIT. Shoot. That was the Great Singapore Sale. :p


Where's THE MAN in you??

I hate soft guys.

Guys who live off their girls.

No back bone ar? Can't even earn your own money and take control of your own blady life?

If you're actually one of these men, I reckon you better go far far away from me. Because I get disgusted when I see guys like that.

This housemate of mine, Rac has one of these softies for a boyfriend.
The men has the audacity to literally live off the finances of his girlfriend!

You are a guy or what?

Okay. Fine. Rac earns 10k a month and she's only 24 and drives a sports car.

The guy?
Jobless (because he's extremely picky about his jobs) and living a penny a day.

Even if you love the girl for who she is, and for the fact that she could actually love and accept someone like that softie, don't you think that the man should actually do something about his life or at the very least for his poor family???


Eww. Sick.

Thank god Superboyfriend is nothing like that softie!


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What happened to my MONEY??

After receiving that FINAL NOTICE from Uncle TNB printed in red A4 paper (despite having paid regularly to the housemate) , I confronted the guilty person. If you don't understand what happened, check out my related post for the story.

Supergf : Bit*h

Bit*h : What?

Supergf : What happened to my money?? Why Uncle TNB sent me this red angpow?

Bit*h : What red angpow? What are you talking about?

Supergf : You memang bit*h-lah. Want to buat bodoh (play dumb) with me isit?

Bit*h : Where got? Hai-yah ok ok. My friend told me we don't have to pay TNB for 6 months also can. That's why I didn't pay loh.

Supergf : You stupid ar? People say don't have to pay then don't pay isit? In the end also have to pay what. If TNB really cut our electricity how? You fan me to sleep isit?!

Bit*h : Sorry loh. Tomorrow I pay a visit to TNB loh.

Supergf : ... (can't believe got people so stupid!)

I never knew what happened to my money. And to think I trusted her. She somehow either kept it aside or spent it or used it to wipe her a$$ or whatever I don't care. Just as long as she pays the overdue bills. *sigh*

P/S : This is just a rough re-enactment of the whole scene. Haha.. I'm not that brutal-lah, ok? :p


You trying to GET RAPED is it?

That lady must be kidding or she's such a show-off that she can't help showing off her damn LV bag. It's the real deal all right...

BUT what the heck was she thinking?? Hey, you're not doing fine dining at Mandarin Oriental or out drinking coffee with a host of other ladies at San Francisco Coffee you know.

Can't stand people who dress up in such a manner unbefitting the setting and occasion. If you're planning to eat at some food stall alongside the road with quite some filth and all, why bother bringing along your LV? Wanna squash the people eating at the stall with your ego is it?

These people ar...not only that, she was all wacked up in her low cut sleeveless shirt and equally fancy, big DIOR sunglasses.

What a bit*h! You trying to get raped or robbed is it?

If you are, please go far far away from where I'm eating because I don't want to witness something like that while I'm enjoying my Cantonese Fried Kuey Teow.



Monday, December 3, 2007

Two things I am wearing now : Panties and bra

OH! My first tag...thanks my favourite Two Superheroes!
Time to get to know Supergirlfriend better now... :p

Here goes for my "Two Things Meme"..

1. Two names I go by: Call me Shirley or the world's most gorgeous woman alive!

2. Two things I am wearing now : Panties and bra (..under my clothes...don't think dirty eh! :p)

3. Two things I want (or have) in a relationship : A loving bf-cum-hubby and happiness all our lives

4. Two things I like to do : Shopping and gossiping!!!!!!! Haha...girls will be girls...

5. Two things I want very badly in these moments : I want a great, smashing holiday and lotsa good good food to keep me happy!

6. Two things I did last night : Stared at the pc while Superboyfriend did his programming stuff (*yawn!) and sleep! I'm a PIG!!! :p

7. Two things I ate today : Air and more air...I'm waiting for lunch!

8. Two persons I last spoke to : Superboyfriend and my colleague sitting next to me...

9. Two things I am doing tomorrow : Cook dinner & go to work (Ugh...)

10. Two favorite days of the week : Friday & Saturday! I love my weekends too....Don't like Sunday..because the next day is Monday already... :(

11. Two favorite holidays : Erm..Christmas because I love the holiday mood and the beautiful lights on the Xmas tree & New year's day because it's a new year! A new year = a new beginning!

12. Two favorite beverages : 7-UP Revive & Iced chinese tea!

13. Two things about me that you may not have known : Supergirlfriend IS a girl and she has a Superboyfriend... :p

14. Two jobs that I have had in my life : I was an editor and a writer (unbelievable ain't it? seeing how bit*hy I am..! Haha...)

15. Two movies I would watch over and over : Notting Hill & Never Been Kissed (I'm a sucker for romantic comedies!)

16. Two places that I have lived : Erm..I don't quite know how to answer this really.. :)

17. Two of my favorite food : Cantonese Fried Kuey Teow & Claypot tauhu (strange eh?!) :p

18. Two places I would rather be right now : Home and on my bed, comfortably under my fav blankey. Hehe..

Okay..with this, I would like to tag the following few..

Here goes the list of my favourite people!


She's Jess

Just Sewjin

What to do when you GET SICK?

Have someone over to take care of you!

Supergirlfriend was down with fever and cold last weekend. Must be from the heat these days. Uncertain weather and all.

Bed-ridden for most of the time, thank god someone took good care of me. Cooked food for me, put damp towel over my forehead, and lovingly gave me that nice, comforting hug whenever I need it to assure me that I will get well soon...Ahh...I'm in heaven!

"Isn't it nice to have someone care for you when YOU GET SICK??"

Haha. Yes. Yes. Yessss! :p

Thank you, Superboyfriend!

Love you as always...Muakssssss..


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