Friday, December 14, 2007

OH...that BURNING sensation!

Hmmph. Must've been the spicy mee goreng (fried noodles) I had for dinner last night. Haha. *blush blush*

Just out of the toilet and even after baking those chocolate cakes, the fiery effect from the hot & spicy mee goreng is still there! Can still feel the burning sensation out of it! :p

Naughty naughty thoughts eh. I know you are thinking about something else there... *wink*

C'mon, Supergirlfriend strictly adheres to the "U" rating for this blog. Which means it's suitable for general viewing- for your lil kids next door, for your uncles and aunties, for your grampa and grammas, etc. Haha. :p

Have a great weekend, everybody! Remember, don't eat too much spicy food, or you'll end up with a burnt booty!


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