Monday, December 17, 2007

Old MNG CLOTHES...who wants?

Haha. Me! Me!

This may struck some of you as being strange but yes, Supergirlfriend's mum is planning to donate her old clothes to poor ol' me... *so pitiful !!!!!!!!* :p

Hehe. Well, but in my mum's context for old clothes, it actually means clothes she has only worn once or maximum twice! I'm not kidding. The lady's like a crazed shopaholic who shops for new clothes every so often that she only has the chance to wear each new item only a handful of times! So, what happens to the 'old clothes'?

They come to me! Fortunately. *grins*

I've got no complaints since mum just donated her 'brand new' MNG top to me. Haha. My mum's the happening lot (thankfully, otherwise no such thing as MNG top anymore!) and she's abt the same size as me. So, we pretty much share the same taste in clothes and the same shoe size too! Cool eh.

Love you, mum! :p

Pssst mum, got anymore old clothes??



zewt said...

MNG top? hahaha.... ok la... no complain right?

Supergirlfriend said...

haha..yeah, zewt..definitely stretching out my hands for more MNG tops! heh heh...Gimme gimme gimme moreeeee.... :p

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