Monday, June 30, 2008

I will only treat you good when you are useful to me

Hands up people if you're guilty of doing just that.

Even if you are one such person, I will not blame you entirely but it would certainly help to make it less bruising for another to bear if you're more subtle and tactful when dealing with it. I understand that people make use of another for certain benefits and I accept it. But as everyone has emotions, and to be discarded like I'm some annoying dirt when I'm no longer useful is not something that can easily be swallowed and be done with.

I used to have this associate that I got acquainted with about a couple of years ago. And at that time, he struggled with an enormous challenge that required my help, and more accurately, a team's help to accomplish. I could still remember how he treated everyone well and was a willing person when asked for help, advice and such.

Seeing how badly he needed to get through the challenge in his life, all of us helped him well -- and thankfully he succeeded. After the challenge, I decided to move on in my life, and we lost contact for 2 whole years. Just the other day, we crossed path again. But this time around, what offended me so much was his ridiculous pretense and total disregard of my existence right in front of him.

He walked with such air of arrogance that he would've stepped on some dog poop because he was walking with his head so high up. Such snobbish son of a b!tch indeed. You think you could even be half of what you are today if it weren't for our help?! Unappreciative bastard.

Dungeon Runners' amazing bling gnome

Exciting online video games always interest me, particular those that can be downloaded for free! Yes, I'm a sucker when it comes to free goodies. So naturally I got really excited when I heard about this brand new game, Dungeon Runners, an online multiplayer action role-playing game that transports you to an exciting realm of magic, adventure, giant monsters, and icky things!


In this cool online video game, players get to explore dark dangerous dungeons, go on battle with monsters that vomit! and make great discoveries such as incredible weapons and artifacts. And in the game, players can obtain a magical Bling Gnome, a pet of sort or a helper gnome that runs around in the game, following your character and picking up all the gold dropped on the ground automatically. This way, you can focus on your game without having to worry about missing out on any gold!

Even more cool is, the gnome can also be told to pick up dropped items that aren't rare and eat them up. And guess what? He then converts them, or rather poops out gold as a reward, right there and then. So instead of having cluttering your inventory with all those items and selling them later on, the bling gnome will help you save time!

Look, gosh. I even have a gnome here which I've not exactly 'dressed' up in bling blings, but rather to be standing right next to a monstrous gemstone ring and holding on to a huge diamond necklace. Ain't he cute? Too bad this gnome of mine can't poop gold. Haha.

So if you're interested to play this super cool online role-playing game, why not download and play it for free just like what I did!

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When it's Monday and I'm not working...

Ahh....there's always this really good feeling when you know it's Monday and...


And I'm relishing every moment of it! Gosh, I'm so evil.

Now mommies can earn money from home too!

Long gone are the days of traditional women, staying at home, looking after their children and waiting for their hubby to bring home the money. These days, most women I believe have long moved towards maintaining all bridges that leads to any forms of potential side income even when they are taking care of the household and family at home.

Which is why, more and more women are turning towards working from home - from setting up online businesses to starting their own blogs. Mommy bloggers can now learn to make more money from the comforts of their home through mediums such as SocialSpark, essentially a blog marketing tool providing means to help bloggers from all background around the world to obtain monetary rewards for their writing contributions.

So if you're a stay-home mom who can afford to churn out some free time after doing all the routine household chores, why not spend just a little time expressing your thoughts and writing reviews as a means of helping out with the family income. With the price increase for most items in the market, I'm sure it would really help if you can have some extra few hundreds at hand to get through the month.

Mommy bloggers can also sign up for SocialSpark's mailing list now to get updated with all the latest news. Now with SocialSpark, mommies can work from home, raise your children and make some money!

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

When money just isn't enough

...who to blame?

Do you blame the people for raising the price of every single item in the market - from flour, rice, poultry, the ais kosong kurang ais at your next door mamak or nasi lemak sold at the makeshift nasi lemak stall manned by this old makcik right opposite your condo?

Or do you blame your boss for not giving you a long overdue pay rise you think you deserved 5 years ago?

Or do you simply point your fingers at the government in a single accusation to sum up all miseries or situations now currently hitting everyone hard on the pockets?


I'd say, when money just isn't enough, stop blaming on others. Maybe it's really time to make that change in your life.

Not enough money?
Go get some part-time jobs like these to make some extra cash. Sell off your big cars and trade it in for a smaller, more fuel economical one. Stop frequenting expensive restaurants and start learning to cook at home.

And it's really not funny anymore if you're an adult having a need to borrow money from others. Learn how to manage your own finances. It's never too late if you decide to start today.

I want to Believe all of History's Mysteries

I've always have a fascination over this little mystifying element called, "magic". And it's not hard to figure out why. Everyone, including myself likes to be amazed; to experience certain things that cannot be explained; to be haunted by wild imaginations of great magicians in their surreal world.

And it's always a relieve to escape into these realms of mystery that only magicians can evoke within us. Which is why, magicians' tricks never fails to spook me every single time. "How in the world did he do that?" will always be my most spontaneous response whenever I see one of those amazing tricks.

Magicians, there are plenty. But those who leave a mark that last through time is only a handful. Think Harry Houdini and David Copperfield, the two greats who have got generations hooked and mystified on their great acts of making things disappear and escaping from seemingly impossible situations and such. And then came David Blaine with his levitating act that really got me dumbfounded. "Did I really just see him floating in mid air on the streets??"

And of course, there's Criss Angel, recognized as one of the most provocative artists in the world today. Famous for "walking on water", levitating above buildings and all of his signature out-of-the-world illusions, you can now have a chance to see the mystery man live in action! Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, in conjunction with Criss Angel and Cirque du Soleil is proud to debut the newest Cirque du Soleil show, CRISS ANGEL Believe.

Expect to be sucked into a haunting exploration deep inside the inventive mind of mystifier Criss Angel as he hovers between the land of the living and a surreal world uniquely woven together by the distinctive imaginations of Criss Angel and Cirque du Soleil. So if you're ready to believe all of history's mysteries, tickets are on sale now so get yours today!

Or you can enter this really simple text message contest for a chance to win 2 tickets to Criss Angel's Believe! Text 'Criss' to 22122. But sorry to disappoint you guys, the contest is already closed. But don't worry as tickets are still available. Preview performances for CRISS ANGEL Believe begin September 1 and run through September 11. Now if only I can get myself to Vegas then!

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Are you looking for a qualified home tutor?

These days, it's almost like just about anyone and everyone is planning to become home tutors to take on the noble task to educate the students in Malaysia! I'm really impressed. Haha.

Why? Because I've tried my hands at becoming a home tutor myself, and I'm proud to say that my student has benefited well from my lessons (ahem!). The experience was really wonderful. I mean, to be able to contribute to a person's growth and knowledge; to know that you have left an impact at some point of a person's life. Only one word to describe it, "Wow..."

And of course, there's the money that comes along with it! Haha. That's the beauty of home tuition jobs. They pay pretty well for a few hours of your time. But I've also heard about certain bad cakes in the industry who do not fulfill their tutoring responsibilities after being employed.

So it's good if there is a team of people who can actually help you screen through your home tutors carefully before you employ them to teach your child. It's safe to say that you can always rely on, Malaysia's brand new home for education to recommend only qualified home tutors.

Why? Because I know the person who started it all. And he used to be an quite an acclaimed home tutor himself with years of experience in teaching. Only someone who has been through it all in the industry will know what's best for both parents, and tutors. I'd definitely put my trust in someone like that!

Having said all that, if you're looking for home tutors in Malaysia for all subjects ranging from the preschool, UPSR, PMR, SPM and all the way to the STPM level, you can be rest assured that will not fail to deliver their best for your child! You can register a parent account with them for FREE!

For those who are interested to be home tutors themselves, you can register with as a tutor for free, apply online for all available jobs and receive regular job alerts and updates. I'm going there right now! Haha.

Sexy Halloween Costumes to spice up the season!

The thing that I love so much about Halloween is that I get to disguise myself in fancy outfits, be it a sexy Halloween costume or perhaps even to the extent of wearing one of those crazy, ridiculous ones! But hey, that's the whole idea about all these going around trick or treating thing. You get to playact as someone else for a day!

Fancy some cute kiddy costumes for your little brother? Or maybe even play Superman for the evening with those tight blue suits and bright red underwear? Or that Captain Jack Sparrow simply gets you so excited that you'd want to be a charming pirate sailing the shores on Halloween? I'd say, you can get it all when you head over to Costume Cauldron, the web's finest theater and Halloween Store!

Don't believe me? I'm already looking at this really familiar costume right here...

Remember Charlie's Angels? Remember the time when the three angels actually put on THIS costume as one of their disguises? Haha. I can never forget that one. Now that I'm looking at the prospect of actually getting one of that sexy Halloween costume for myself, it sure can't get anymore exciting than this! At only under $45, I can get the entire set of the Alpine Girl costume!

There's also all sorts of costumes for adults, kids, toddlers and even those with themes such as pirates, renaissance or get scandalous with all the sexy costumes you can ever imagine! Besides that, there are even accessories such as masks, theatrical make-up and such for you to choose from!

Oh, and for great discounts, you might want to hear a little secret I've got here... *whispers* There is a secret HAUNTED HOUSE backdoor on the website where you can get a great discount! Go to the homepage halfway down on the right and click on the brown comma in the line that reads “Our Store now has over 8,000 masquerade items for you to choose from!”

Can't wait to get my own costumes!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Leaving your little toddler behind for work

Just the other day, I had a chat with an associate. I wouldn't say she's a friend because I'd only come to know her there and then under some circumstances. The lady's a fast-moving career person who intends to conquer a major international company before age 30. And so far, she has managed it quite well to reach a high-ranking position overlooking three countries.

And when I was talking to her, she revealed that she has just given birth to her baby girl. Oh, and so upon hearing that news, I congratulated her and I would have expected her to mention more about the baby and how she's taking the new addition to her family and such. But to my amazement, she was proclaiming to me, how she came back to work right after birth because there's so much to her career right now that she cannot bear to miss out on.

I just smiled and was reluctant to say anything further after that. I wasn't envious of her position or the money she's earning in the organization. But instead, I was horrified by her lack of compassion for her new-born child and family.

I could never put my career ahead of my family because they are the most important people in my life. Money, I can always find. But there's only one family for me. And they are irreplaceable. The lady only goes to show me how some people living in the fast-paced city life have literally gone crazy chasing after money, so much so that it's enough to leave their new-born baby behind.

I can see that she loves her job and takes a whole lot of pride in her career. But that doesn't give her the excuse of leaving her little toddler behind for work's sake. Unacceptable for any mother. She should be ashamed of herself.

You will want this ultimate cleaning machine

Like I've always mentioned before, cleaning is definitely not my forte. For me, it would best to leave the cleaning to others because I suppose everyone generally has the tendency to shy away from all the dirt and mess. Haha. But most of all, I suppose most people have a general dislike for cleaning because cleaning takes up a whole lot of time and energy.

I've seen my housemate who simply just literally runs off whenever we're planning to do some spring cleaning for our house. She dumps the dishes into the sink and leave it to mold just like that. She doesn't help with the sweeping, the mopping and not to mention, even simple things like wiping up the dining table after eating. I may be lazy when it comes to cleaning, but the least I could do is to do my part.

So when I discovered that there's actually an ultimate cleaning machine out there in the market, it got me really really excited! Finally... I could imagine myself cleaning without breaking sweat with a powerful, handy cleaner. And what else other than an energy-saving, lightweight and best of all, cordless vacuum cleaners out there that can help me out!


Introducing Dirt Devil's new AccuCharge Stick Vac and Hand Vac that allows the vacuum cleaners to consume 70% less energy, making AccuCharge the first cordless cleaning technology to get Energy Star approval! With the electricity bill increasing these days, the AccuCharge can come in really useful! And you don't even need to wait till the sky falls for your vacuum cleaner to charge because this one charges two times faster than the usual rate.

There is a wide range of vacuum cleaners available for you to choose from to accommodate all your different daily needs. So love your life, and spend lesser time in cleaning today with Dirt Devil's new AccuCharge vacuum cleaners. I can't wait to own this! Haha.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Every Wednesday is Movie Day!

This routine has been going on for a little over a month already. And so far, it has been...


Since both me and Superboyfriend has got all the time in the world now (well, not ALL but definitely enough time!), we have come to set every Wednesday as our movie day. Cheap movie tickets at RM7 each, and being on a weekday when there really isn't a whole lot of people in the mood for movies, I'd say it's the best day of our week! Haha. :p

In fact, we just came back from watching the Incredible Hulk! Love the ending and great performance by the actors. Thumbs up! I can probably work out what Marvel is up to already - with Iron Man and Incredible Hulk. Love the cameo. Haha. *grins*

The best way to save energy when you clean

Cleaning dirt, dust, grease and such is probably always going to stay put as the last thing on my to-do list. Why? Not only it gets me all covered with dirt and sweat by the end of the day, it will take me so much time and strength when cleaning up that by the time everything is done and sparkling clean, you'd most likely see me crashing into the nearest sofa I can find.

Yes, it doesn't take a genius to tell me that cleaning consumes not only a lot of time, but also a whole lot of energy. Which is probably why I'd usually leave most of the cleaning for others to handle. Thank you, Superboyfriend! The toilet is over there, and my car is parked just right there! Haha.

It's really too bad that I don't have a maid. I could definitely use some professional help over here! Or even some special device that could make all the dirt go away in an instant! Hey, but wait a minute. Who says there isn't any? Yes, you'd heard me right. I'd just discovered that there are many powerful, lightweight and best of all, cordless vacuum cleaners out there that can help me out!


Dirt Devil offers one of your best bet to save energy. I would recommend the new AccuCharge Stick Vac and Hand Vac that allows the vacuum cleaners to use 70% less energy, making AccuCharge the first cordless cleaning technology to earn Energy Star approval! So now you don't have the wires to worry about, and you won't even need to break a sweat when cleaning.

You can choose from their many range of handheld vacuum cleaners, from cordless to rechargeable ones to keep your cars and your house clean. So no matter the extent of your mess anywhere, you can now have - in your keepsake - the best vacuum cleaners for the job. Home cleaning has never been this easy!

So make your life easier and hassle-free today with Dirt Devil's new AccuCharge vacuum cleaners today. Saves your time, saves your energy!

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Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Friday!

Yay... It's Friday!
Time just passes so quickly, don't you realize?

Okay, even though now it has officially become a matter of no significance whether or not it's a Friday, Saturday or even a Monday for me, I still can't help but indulge in the spirit of cheerfulness and celebration on Friday nights! Haha.

Everyone is excited about Friday nights, even myself because that used to be my favourite time of the week. I look forward to Friday nights, indulge in my Saturdays and start to hold on desperately to my Sundays because I hate my Mondays.

But anyhow, today's a Friday, and I suggest that we enjoy it! Haha. TGIF, everyone! :p

Managing diabetes in your life

More and more young people are prone to getting diabetes these days. With the lack of exercise and ignorance in their daily diets, diabetes is certainly fast emerging as a serious threat to both you and me.

Those who have already been diagnosed with diabetes should learn to understand the basics and strategies to stay on top of their sugar level by visiting - Managing Diabetes. But even if you're not diabetic, it doesn't hurt to understand more about diabetes and make necessary preventions against it.

One good way to manage diabetes is to control your food diet. Increase your intake of food that are diabetes-friendly, such as Orange Beef Stir-Fry with Broccoli and Red Pepper, Beefy Mushroom-Barley Stew and more! You can always visit - Diabetes Friendly Foods for more recipes.

Plenty of exercise can also aid diabetic patients by staying fit and healthy. Exercise works very well at bringing down your blood sugar. However, make sure you don't overdo it, which could result in your blood sugar level dropping too low. Always stick to a reasonable exercise regime and complement your exercise with a healthy diet.

As such, you will soon find that living with diabetes could instead turn you around to be a much healthier person!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The grass is always greener on the other side

In simple layman terms, "I see you good, you see me good jeh".

It's human nature that we will never be satisfied with the things we have. Well, depending on how you see it, it can easily be a good thing and a bad thing. The bad thing is, you can easily be devoured by greed. And you'll most likely going to end up losing more things than you can ever bargain for.

On the other hand, when you're not satisfied, you tend to either work harder or work your adaptabilities right to make you feel happier with your life as it is. Some people see company trips to Phuket like a dream come true and they worship the company like it's god. But some people see that as some ridiculous nonsensical nightmare, that the company is too stingy for its own good.

At the end of the day, it all just boils down to perspective. And it would always remain a fact of life that we will never be satisfied or entirely glad with what we have until we lose everything.

Photo taken from

Laugh out loud with Reader's Digest!

People often say that laughter is the best medicine. And that, I've to agree because laughter is infectious and your laughter alone can make life much more beautiful for you and the people surrounding you. Everyone needs a healthy dose of laughter; everyone needs something that will brighten up their day. And with Reader's Digest Laughs, you can now laugh all you want! is home to a huge library of jokes and anecdotes, humorous stand-up comedy videos, galleries of funny cartoon, funny photo contests and so much more! And the best thing is, I'm sure there's certainly something for everyone in there.

For a dose of laughter, you can visit RD Laughs Main and browse through their Funny Cartoons or watch some hilarious Stand-up Videos that will get you laughing in stitches! And parents, you don't have to worry for your kids because all these are clean cartoons and clean jokes. Haha.

And if you want to keep the laughs coming your way, why not subscribe to their Jokes RSS feeds or even their Laughs newsletter so that you will always have your laughter all guaranteed? Oh, and you may also want to consider submitting a joke to Reader's Digest Laughs for a chance to win $100! So what do you say to earning money and laughing all the way to the bank?

I'd say, bring it on!

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I miss my chicken curry...

I've been a while since I last tasted spicy food. Or as a matter of fact, even fried food!

Been taking extra precautions and lots of extra care to not provoke my sore throat that would most definitely irritate the hell out of me again. Been struggling with a persistent sore throat for almost three weeks or maybe a month now. And so far, I've stayed away from all those sinfully irresistible fried and spicy foodie which are my favourite...

OH! My chicken curry...

So you can imagine that I'm currently living out of my comfort zone because I miss those curry, sambal, fried chicken, fried fritters, keropok lekor, the chilli sauce to dip my chicken rice balls, the chilli sauce for my yong tau foo... Argh!

Hopefully the sore throat will stay away for good this time around. Please....

Photo taken from A Tale of Two Superheroes

You can make a difference too

Most people may think that they are powerless when it comes to making a difference in the world. That the power of one person's actions would mean nothing to anyone and everyone else around. But think again, does it really not matter to anyone at all?

For one thing, I know it certainly matters to you enough to actually want to do something for the cause. Your actions do mean something to someone out there. Difference in lives can be made when you see it in a collective picture. If everyone else were to have the same thoughts and same motivation to work towards a certain good cause, then you can most definitely see the consequences of your actions. And it all starts from a person!

I've always liked reading Reader's Digest online, and just recently, they've added a new section, - Make Your Mark which is truly a very inspiring read. There are so many real-life stories of how the power of a person's will has come to affect an entire group and eventually everyone else in the community.

There's this case, where a group of students of Northport High School actually decided to take action when two of their teachers in the same school district were diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease in 2004. And instead of folding their arms and doing nothing, they decided to organize an amazing fundraiser for the benefits of their teachers. The first event they held was a charity basketball tournament which raised $25,000 and drew over 500 people. They continued their work and dedication, and their fundraising events have grown every year thereafter. Such spirit to admire!

Now to start making a difference and doing your part, you can try it on a smaller scale first. Take the Weekly Challenge for a start, by taking the "Step" Challenge on the "Cut Down on Car Pollution" issue. I know I can do it, by making one less trip on my car, by reducing the number of excursions. All I need to do is to just plan my trips and purchases. It saves on petrol too in fact, now that petrol's getting more and more expensive!

You should try it too and join me in making a difference. Hop over to the Reader's Digest Homepage and check out their Weekly Challenge!

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Some people's lives are destined to be different

While some people had to suffer through with financial issues during their growing years, some others have cash bills enveloping them as blankets.

While some people had to climb the ladder for two decades to earn a luxury vehicle, some others enjoy them in their early adulthood.

While some people had to endure heated office politics in corporate suites, some others need only to talk their way through to a five-figure income.

While some people had to fork out their whole month's salary for a little Coach bag, some others need only to use a tiny fragment of their income to get a large Coach Tote.

So it certainly got me wondering, that some people's lives are just destined to be different. Some people enjoy the luxuries of life without tears of blood, while some had to slog through all their lives to enjoy a decent bowl of rice. The only consolation I can figure out, is perhaps the tough conditions in an average person's life, builds character and ultimately, endurance through tough times.

But is that only it? *sigh*

A Small Orange web hosting

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Time to take it to another level

Oh... I can't wait for it!

Haha. This is what I've been waiting for... I guess.
Time to take it to another level, baby! :p

To begin with, the story of my cooking adventures started not too long time ago, and I can still remember the first time I attempted to conquer the kitchen. Haha. It went fine, and so far, none of my cookings are non-edible. In fact, I get lucky quite often and my first attempts usually turn out just the way it should be. Oh, thank goodness!

So, now that I've learnt most of my mum's cookings already, time to spread the wings and learn more things by myself. Would really like to experiment in the kitchen, just like how Y does it all the time! Haha. You're my role model laaa.... *wink*

Okay, so just sit tight and keep your fingers and toes crossed! I'm keeping mine crossed too, hoping that the kitchen will turn out just all right. :p

Photo taken from

Hidden in Plain Sight

When the leading character is a tough, smart and sexy lady, it sure gets my attention. I have to admit that I detest damsels in distress and would very much prefer women to be portrayed as a stronger character. And that is precisely why I take on such special interest in USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight which just premiered on June 1st.

Mary Shannon, played by Mary McCormack is a U.S. Marshall attached to the top secret Federal Witness Protection Program or WITSEC. Now her job requires all the ingenuity and brains she can summon as she is assigned to protect Federal Witnesses, from criminals to innocent bystanders who happen to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time. And due to high-risk involved in her job, she is forced to withhold the true nature of her job from her family and friends. Expect misunderstandings and more misunderstandings, ladies and gentlemen.

After having said so much about that character, just take a look at this picture of Mary here. I have to choose this image because she simply looks way too cool in this one. So why don't you head over to the website and see if you can find this image of Mary hidden In Plain Sight? Yes, this is now a game of hide and seek. Let's start the hunt!

Sponsored by USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight

Friday, June 6, 2008

Something is not right

Lately, it must've been one of those phases in my life when boredom would literally invade my life and disrupt my daily thoughts and routine. With the recent petrol increase, which would undoubtedly cause a domino of effects in every other sectors, that got me thinking a lot too.

Now the thing about boredom is, it really gets to you! I mean, yes, I can "cure" my boredom for a moment by splashing on some lavish dinner or lunch, but when reality sets back again, things are still going to be back to square. Things have not been going too well recently on my part. Money's coming in, but I just felt that my contribution could've been more.

And somehow, very unlike me, now I just find it so difficult to gather my energy to actually take up the current situation as a challenge and take it into my hands to change how things are. I've never allowed boredom to get me - that is, until now. Something is not right in this current scenario. And I cannot figure it out just yet. In fact, come to think about it, I don't even know if I'm actually dealing with boredom or perhaps self-dissatisfaction.

Hope it's just temporary.

That's me in plain sight!

I've always been a television magnet whenever I see one in front of me. I can't help it! The drama these days are far becoming more and more realistic and interesting which I find it rather captivating, really. Haha.

Which is why whenever there's a new series coming onto the small screens, you can always count me in! Well now you can look forward to more entertainment because there's a new drama in town. USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight just made its premiere on June 1st. Now what made this drama so fascinating is the characters and its storyline basically.

The story revolves around its main character, Mary Shannon who is a U.S. Marshall assigned to the highly secretive Federal Witness Protection Program known as WITSEC. Her job required her to protect Federal Witnesses, even from criminals to plain innocent people. As witnesses are always the main target to be silenced from the face of the earth, Mary faces an enormous task to not only protect the witnesses but to also keep her job a secret from her family.

Now this truly sounds like one of my close friends who would actually keep his job a secret from his family because he didn't want them to get worried over his life. He's coping with it, but I can see it's really taking a toll on him. It's hard to keep secrets from your loved ones you see.

But as for me, I can most relate to Mary's younger sister, Brandi. First of all, she's the baby of the family. Which would most casually mean little responsibilities on her part for the family. I used to be someone like that. Someone who have little to worry about. But as years go by, I can feel myself actually evolving into Mary's character, taking on the necessary responsibilities for the family - but without the secrecy part.

So I can almost say, "Hey, that's me in plain sight!" Haha.

Sponsored by USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Eating burgers for all 3 meals. Can you handle?

Okay, this time around, let's not talk about that Maggi Mee Freak. Haha. :p

Now just recently, someone I know actually succumbed to having 3 meals of burgers in a day! Aiseh man... Bro, when I heard that you makan 3 meals of McD and/or Burger King in a day, I immediately became gelified! Haha.

How can you stand? Yeah, I know you're having an overdose of beef already now. Kesian.... Go get more real food lah. Even though most of the real food in Florida either tastes strange or looks strange (click on the links and you'll know what I mean), it's still better than walloping 3 meals of burgers! Wait till mummy hears about this...

As I've mentioned before during our MSN chats, don't worry bro... I will eat as much of the bestest foodie in Malaysia as I can on your behalf! Haha.

Photo taken from, bro's blog! Heh heh...

All hail the Japanese manga!

I've heard a lot of mention about Japanese mangas from my friends and literally everyone around me since my early schooling days. But at that point, I wasn't into mangas just yet but I've always been fascinated by people who would actually dress up and style their hairdo exactly like their favourite manga characters!

Now that for me is astonishing. So it really got me thinking, if I have my own manga character, I would name him Daichi, which means "great wisdom". I took upon the fancy of this name ever since I read this really popular manga with Hajime Kindaichi who's just a kid with a knack for solving murder mysteries. So Daichi would fit the picture perfectly, as a manga character who possesses a great wisdom with the ability to decipher what others cannot.

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