Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some people's lives are destined to be different

While some people had to suffer through with financial issues during their growing years, some others have cash bills enveloping them as blankets.

While some people had to climb the ladder for two decades to earn a luxury vehicle, some others enjoy them in their early adulthood.

While some people had to endure heated office politics in corporate suites, some others need only to talk their way through to a five-figure income.

While some people had to fork out their whole month's salary for a little Coach bag, some others need only to use a tiny fragment of their income to get a large Coach Tote.

So it certainly got me wondering, that some people's lives are just destined to be different. Some people enjoy the luxuries of life without tears of blood, while some had to slog through all their lives to enjoy a decent bowl of rice. The only consolation I can figure out, is perhaps the tough conditions in an average person's life, builds character and ultimately, endurance through tough times.

But is that only it? *sigh*

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