Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You can make a difference too

Most people may think that they are powerless when it comes to making a difference in the world. That the power of one person's actions would mean nothing to anyone and everyone else around. But think again, does it really not matter to anyone at all?

For one thing, I know it certainly matters to you enough to actually want to do something for the cause. Your actions do mean something to someone out there. Difference in lives can be made when you see it in a collective picture. If everyone else were to have the same thoughts and same motivation to work towards a certain good cause, then you can most definitely see the consequences of your actions. And it all starts from a person!

I've always liked reading Reader's Digest online, and just recently, they've added a new section, RD.com - Make Your Mark which is truly a very inspiring read. There are so many real-life stories of how the power of a person's will has come to affect an entire group and eventually everyone else in the community.

There's this case, where a group of students of Northport High School actually decided to take action when two of their teachers in the same school district were diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease in 2004. And instead of folding their arms and doing nothing, they decided to organize an amazing fundraiser for the benefits of their teachers. The first event they held was a charity basketball tournament which raised $25,000 and drew over 500 people. They continued their work and dedication, and their fundraising events have grown every year thereafter. Such spirit to admire!

Now to start making a difference and doing your part, you can try it on a smaller scale first. Take the Weekly Challenge for a start, by taking the "Step" Challenge on the "Cut Down on Car Pollution" issue. I know I can do it, by making one less trip on my car, by reducing the number of excursions. All I need to do is to just plan my trips and purchases. It saves on petrol too in fact, now that petrol's getting more and more expensive!

You should try it too and join me in making a difference. Hop over to the Reader's Digest Homepage and check out their Weekly Challenge!

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