Thursday, June 26, 2008

When money just isn't enough

...who to blame?

Do you blame the people for raising the price of every single item in the market - from flour, rice, poultry, the ais kosong kurang ais at your next door mamak or nasi lemak sold at the makeshift nasi lemak stall manned by this old makcik right opposite your condo?

Or do you blame your boss for not giving you a long overdue pay rise you think you deserved 5 years ago?

Or do you simply point your fingers at the government in a single accusation to sum up all miseries or situations now currently hitting everyone hard on the pockets?


I'd say, when money just isn't enough, stop blaming on others. Maybe it's really time to make that change in your life.

Not enough money?
Go get some part-time jobs like these to make some extra cash. Sell off your big cars and trade it in for a smaller, more fuel economical one. Stop frequenting expensive restaurants and start learning to cook at home.

And it's really not funny anymore if you're an adult having a need to borrow money from others. Learn how to manage your own finances. It's never too late if you decide to start today.

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