Thursday, June 26, 2008

Are you looking for a qualified home tutor?

These days, it's almost like just about anyone and everyone is planning to become home tutors to take on the noble task to educate the students in Malaysia! I'm really impressed. Haha.

Why? Because I've tried my hands at becoming a home tutor myself, and I'm proud to say that my student has benefited well from my lessons (ahem!). The experience was really wonderful. I mean, to be able to contribute to a person's growth and knowledge; to know that you have left an impact at some point of a person's life. Only one word to describe it, "Wow..."

And of course, there's the money that comes along with it! Haha. That's the beauty of home tuition jobs. They pay pretty well for a few hours of your time. But I've also heard about certain bad cakes in the industry who do not fulfill their tutoring responsibilities after being employed.

So it's good if there is a team of people who can actually help you screen through your home tutors carefully before you employ them to teach your child. It's safe to say that you can always rely on, Malaysia's brand new home for education to recommend only qualified home tutors.

Why? Because I know the person who started it all. And he used to be an quite an acclaimed home tutor himself with years of experience in teaching. Only someone who has been through it all in the industry will know what's best for both parents, and tutors. I'd definitely put my trust in someone like that!

Having said all that, if you're looking for home tutors in Malaysia for all subjects ranging from the preschool, UPSR, PMR, SPM and all the way to the STPM level, you can be rest assured that will not fail to deliver their best for your child! You can register a parent account with them for FREE!

For those who are interested to be home tutors themselves, you can register with as a tutor for free, apply online for all available jobs and receive regular job alerts and updates. I'm going there right now! Haha.

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