Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sexy Halloween Costumes to spice up the season!

The thing that I love so much about Halloween is that I get to disguise myself in fancy outfits, be it a sexy Halloween costume or perhaps even to the extent of wearing one of those crazy, ridiculous ones! But hey, that's the whole idea about all these going around trick or treating thing. You get to playact as someone else for a day!

Fancy some cute kiddy costumes for your little brother? Or maybe even play Superman for the evening with those tight blue suits and bright red underwear? Or that Captain Jack Sparrow simply gets you so excited that you'd want to be a charming pirate sailing the shores on Halloween? I'd say, you can get it all when you head over to Costume Cauldron, the web's finest theater and Halloween Store!

Don't believe me? I'm already looking at this really familiar costume right here...

Remember Charlie's Angels? Remember the time when the three angels actually put on THIS costume as one of their disguises? Haha. I can never forget that one. Now that I'm looking at the prospect of actually getting one of that sexy Halloween costume for myself, it sure can't get anymore exciting than this! At only under $45, I can get the entire set of the Alpine Girl costume!

There's also all sorts of costumes for adults, kids, toddlers and even those with themes such as pirates, renaissance or get scandalous with all the sexy costumes you can ever imagine! Besides that, there are even accessories such as masks, theatrical make-up and such for you to choose from!

Oh, and for great discounts, you might want to hear a little secret I've got here... *whispers* There is a secret HAUNTED HOUSE backdoor on the website where you can get a great discount! Go to the homepage halfway down on the right and click on the brown comma in the line that reads “Our Store now has over 8,000 masquerade items for you to choose from!”

Can't wait to get my own costumes!

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