Sunday, June 1, 2008

Eating burgers for all 3 meals. Can you handle?

Okay, this time around, let's not talk about that Maggi Mee Freak. Haha. :p

Now just recently, someone I know actually succumbed to having 3 meals of burgers in a day! Aiseh man... Bro, when I heard that you makan 3 meals of McD and/or Burger King in a day, I immediately became gelified! Haha.

How can you stand? Yeah, I know you're having an overdose of beef already now. Kesian.... Go get more real food lah. Even though most of the real food in Florida either tastes strange or looks strange (click on the links and you'll know what I mean), it's still better than walloping 3 meals of burgers! Wait till mummy hears about this...

As I've mentioned before during our MSN chats, don't worry bro... I will eat as much of the bestest foodie in Malaysia as I can on your behalf! Haha.

Photo taken from, bro's blog! Heh heh...

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