Friday, June 6, 2008

That's me in plain sight!

I've always been a television magnet whenever I see one in front of me. I can't help it! The drama these days are far becoming more and more realistic and interesting which I find it rather captivating, really. Haha.

Which is why whenever there's a new series coming onto the small screens, you can always count me in! Well now you can look forward to more entertainment because there's a new drama in town. USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight just made its premiere on June 1st. Now what made this drama so fascinating is the characters and its storyline basically.

The story revolves around its main character, Mary Shannon who is a U.S. Marshall assigned to the highly secretive Federal Witness Protection Program known as WITSEC. Her job required her to protect Federal Witnesses, even from criminals to plain innocent people. As witnesses are always the main target to be silenced from the face of the earth, Mary faces an enormous task to not only protect the witnesses but to also keep her job a secret from her family.

Now this truly sounds like one of my close friends who would actually keep his job a secret from his family because he didn't want them to get worried over his life. He's coping with it, but I can see it's really taking a toll on him. It's hard to keep secrets from your loved ones you see.

But as for me, I can most relate to Mary's younger sister, Brandi. First of all, she's the baby of the family. Which would most casually mean little responsibilities on her part for the family. I used to be someone like that. Someone who have little to worry about. But as years go by, I can feel myself actually evolving into Mary's character, taking on the necessary responsibilities for the family - but without the secrecy part.

So I can almost say, "Hey, that's me in plain sight!" Haha.

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