Monday, June 30, 2008

Dungeon Runners' amazing bling gnome

Exciting online video games always interest me, particular those that can be downloaded for free! Yes, I'm a sucker when it comes to free goodies. So naturally I got really excited when I heard about this brand new game, Dungeon Runners, an online multiplayer action role-playing game that transports you to an exciting realm of magic, adventure, giant monsters, and icky things!


In this cool online video game, players get to explore dark dangerous dungeons, go on battle with monsters that vomit! and make great discoveries such as incredible weapons and artifacts. And in the game, players can obtain a magical Bling Gnome, a pet of sort or a helper gnome that runs around in the game, following your character and picking up all the gold dropped on the ground automatically. This way, you can focus on your game without having to worry about missing out on any gold!

Even more cool is, the gnome can also be told to pick up dropped items that aren't rare and eat them up. And guess what? He then converts them, or rather poops out gold as a reward, right there and then. So instead of having cluttering your inventory with all those items and selling them later on, the bling gnome will help you save time!

Look, gosh. I even have a gnome here which I've not exactly 'dressed' up in bling blings, but rather to be standing right next to a monstrous gemstone ring and holding on to a huge diamond necklace. Ain't he cute? Too bad this gnome of mine can't poop gold. Haha.

So if you're interested to play this super cool online role-playing game, why not download and play it for free just like what I did!

Sponsored by Dungeon Runners

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