Monday, June 30, 2008

I will only treat you good when you are useful to me

Hands up people if you're guilty of doing just that.

Even if you are one such person, I will not blame you entirely but it would certainly help to make it less bruising for another to bear if you're more subtle and tactful when dealing with it. I understand that people make use of another for certain benefits and I accept it. But as everyone has emotions, and to be discarded like I'm some annoying dirt when I'm no longer useful is not something that can easily be swallowed and be done with.

I used to have this associate that I got acquainted with about a couple of years ago. And at that time, he struggled with an enormous challenge that required my help, and more accurately, a team's help to accomplish. I could still remember how he treated everyone well and was a willing person when asked for help, advice and such.

Seeing how badly he needed to get through the challenge in his life, all of us helped him well -- and thankfully he succeeded. After the challenge, I decided to move on in my life, and we lost contact for 2 whole years. Just the other day, we crossed path again. But this time around, what offended me so much was his ridiculous pretense and total disregard of my existence right in front of him.

He walked with such air of arrogance that he would've stepped on some dog poop because he was walking with his head so high up. Such snobbish son of a b!tch indeed. You think you could even be half of what you are today if it weren't for our help?! Unappreciative bastard.

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