Monday, December 10, 2007

Do you DRIVE in KL? Then you've gotta see this...

OH. I am so pissed off with some drivers in KL.
Can't you people ever learn the meaning of being courteous drivers?

Lemme teach you some manners here, you retards.

Rule #1 : Lift up your hand when you intend to cut before my car.
Don't think just because you're some idiot driving an Extrail, you can get away with taking my place in line ok? Even if you're driving a blady Hummer or sth, you'd better learn some etiquettes. At least have the courtesy to smile and lift up your blady hand.

Rule #2 : Even when it's really jammed, stay in your blady line.
Everyone's queueing up already. So do your part and stick to your line. You're not the only one whose time is precious ok. I lose millions when I'm stuck in a jam too.

Rule #3 : Don't play flashing head lights at me when you need me to stop my car to give you way.
You think just because you've got neon lights, you can keep blinding people with those lights issit? I've got eyes to see. If I need to give you way, I will. Otherwise, don't FLASH. Or I'll just flash you back.

Start using your brains before you drive today. It's never too late to learn.


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