Monday, December 10, 2007

Going for WAR issit?

Haha. Otherwise, what do you need THOSE BIG WATER BOTTLES for??

Hey, don't glare at me. Haha... I didn't say that. It was Superboyfriend! :p
Well, this was what happened you see.

I woke up late for work. Okay, so I suppose many people must be having the same thoughts as the lift was cramped with lotsa people. *help! choking and gasping for fresh air!*
We noticed that a certain lady who was really well-dressed and all with a nice handbag was carrying this really, I mean REALLY BIG & hideous looking water tumbler.

I hadn't noticed it at first (I usually look for accessories, not water bottles!) until Superboyfriend mentioned it to me. Haha. And the bottle really looked like those that the army could possibly carry. It's dark green, with some safety net strapped onto it, the plastic bottle looked inches tough and could probably carry up to 3 litres of water! WOW.

Oh. Maybe it doubles as a weapon as well! You see a suspicious male creep, you whack him with those water tumblers!

Confirm pengsan (faints). Haha.


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