Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Guys, stop looking at her BOOTY please...

Supergirlfriend walked out of her apartment in a lazy mode this morning only to get startled as she witnessed a hideous fashion crime!

Eyes ZOOM IN on the lady's booty...
I'm straight ok. Haha. Don't get the wrong idea.

Hips swaying left and right and my my...such a tight pants she's got there! It looked like the threads are just about to give way anytime now. It's gonna explode! WOW. Guys would definitely love this sight. IF not for the...


Hey lady, I appreciate that you have a nice, round butt. But if you're planning to wear a catwoman suit, please check out your panties to see if the panty line is visible? Because it looks really bad on you. It's NOT SEXY at all. Get it?

And guys, stop staring at her butt. You've got a butt too. Look at your own. I know, I can't help it too but I'm a girl and I'm straight and that's different! Hahah. :p


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