Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Where's THE MAN in you??

I hate soft guys.

Guys who live off their girls.

No back bone ar? Can't even earn your own money and take control of your own blady life?

If you're actually one of these men, I reckon you better go far far away from me. Because I get disgusted when I see guys like that.

This housemate of mine, Rac has one of these softies for a boyfriend.
The men has the audacity to literally live off the finances of his girlfriend!

You are a guy or what?

Okay. Fine. Rac earns 10k a month and she's only 24 and drives a sports car.

The guy?
Jobless (because he's extremely picky about his jobs) and living a penny a day.

Even if you love the girl for who she is, and for the fact that she could actually love and accept someone like that softie, don't you think that the man should actually do something about his life or at the very least for his poor family???


Eww. Sick.

Thank god Superboyfriend is nothing like that softie!



aiden said...

omg..wuts ur fren working as ??

Supergirlfriend said...

haha..Rac is working on her own business. That explains the luxury of her income! :p

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