Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Don't go SHOPPING during SALES!!!

Strange but true...
for Supergirlfriend, that is.

I dunno why I but I never quite liked shopping during sales. WHY?

1) There's just soooo many people shopping with you and things can easily turn ugly. Just like the one time I saw at the Isetan SALE. *gulp*

I dunno what happened to those people but they looked like they come from war-torn countries in desperate need for food and water. They all looked so hungry! Hungry for clothes and accessories and bags and shoes....! I was freaked. Makes me wonder whether they are possessed or something. It's scary how ugly Malaysians can become.

2) During sales, most shops take out their old stocks in order to get rid of them

So don't expect to see much of the usual displays or latest arrivals during sales because they are much likely to be hidden away. The sales is absolutely the best time for them to clear the old stocks and the really really old stocks, which I don't quite fancy because of its conditions.

But on certain occasions, I actually managed to grab some really good bargains. OH WAIT. Shoot. That was the Great Singapore Sale. :p



L'abeille said...

There's no sale as good as the Singapore Sale...Yeah baybee!

Supergirlfriend said...

HAHA! oooohhh yeah...Can't wait to go for the one next year with Superboyfriend! Must start to kumpul money for shopping already... :p

sylvesteR said...

Ooo, Singapore's a shopping heaven. It's better to shop in Singapore as their products are always the latest, compared to Malaysia. It may be old to Singapore but it's new to Malaysia. So, no harm. By the way, how can we not shop during sales?? Should grab all you can....unless no money!!

YozoraNiteSky said...

I got this from the mouth of one of our local designers.. "To be fair to my regular customers... I make special Sales clothes from cheaper material so that my regulars are assured that their purchases will remain special and only 4 of a kind".... so.. good or not??

Supergirlfriend said...

Sylvester, yeah..that's what I love about the Great Singapore Sale! I remember getting this really nice MNG item which was on discount in Spore. And you know what? The item only arrived in Msia nearly 6 months later, branded as "new arrivals"..WOW. :p

Yozoranitesky, OMG..seriously? That, for me is bad news. No point buying something with lesser quality at a lesser price. Would rather pay more to get better quality items. Hehe..NOT GOOD.. :p

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