Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What happened to my MONEY??

After receiving that FINAL NOTICE from Uncle TNB printed in red A4 paper (despite having paid regularly to the housemate) , I confronted the guilty person. If you don't understand what happened, check out my related post for the story.

Supergf : Bit*h

Bit*h : What?

Supergf : What happened to my money?? Why Uncle TNB sent me this red angpow?

Bit*h : What red angpow? What are you talking about?

Supergf : You memang bit*h-lah. Want to buat bodoh (play dumb) with me isit?

Bit*h : Where got? Hai-yah ok ok. My friend told me we don't have to pay TNB for 6 months also can. That's why I didn't pay loh.

Supergf : You stupid ar? People say don't have to pay then don't pay isit? In the end also have to pay what. If TNB really cut our electricity how? You fan me to sleep isit?!

Bit*h : Sorry loh. Tomorrow I pay a visit to TNB loh.

Supergf : ... (can't believe got people so stupid!)

I never knew what happened to my money. And to think I trusted her. She somehow either kept it aside or spent it or used it to wipe her a$$ or whatever I don't care. Just as long as she pays the overdue bills. *sigh*

P/S : This is just a rough re-enactment of the whole scene. Haha.. I'm not that brutal-lah, ok? :p



vhanded said...

scary, but that b**** shouldn't just collect your money and didnt pay for 6 months, stupid...

Supergirlfriend said...

That's why, vhanded. She should've just paid the money instead of waiting for TNB to threaten us. Close shave. Nearly had to sleep without my fan! :p

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