Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Yes, EAT MORE eat more!

I have friends who makes me feel less like a PIG whenever we hang out for some food. Haha. Yes, I have a tendency to wolf down food like nobody's business (I love food and I enjoy food. Period) so it's really good to have girl friends who can gobble down food too! :p

The worse kind of sight that I ever want to have in front of me while I'm eating are girls who are too afraid to eat even that tiny slice of Oreo Cheese or even that cute karipap a.k.a Chicken Cornish at Secret Recipe. Aiyoh. *faints*

I can lose all my appetite watching how those skinny birds struggling even to finish one tenth of that small slice of cake and the amount of time they actually use to eat it! And they even complain how full they were despite having not eaten at all prior our meeting! OMG. Freaks.

But I appreciate hanging out with this good friend of mine who simply loves eating and actually enjoys it! Oh yeah. Until today, despite having seen her wolf down a huge bowl of mac & cheese with ease and 2 sets of McD breakfast at one go, I cannot understand how she still managed to keep her Kate Moss' figure?!! At least mine's a Hayden Panettiere's.

Haha. Life is unfair. What to do.... :p


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