Friday, December 21, 2007

Auntie, can you NOT WEAR that cute little dress?

Supergirlfriend being the really observative kind (nice word to cover up the "pat-phor" nature within), is extremely sensitive to fashion disasters on people around her.

The best place to observe fashion flaws? Shopping complexes of course! :p

Haha. Many observations can be made within minutes of standing at one corner and watching people as they walk past you. This is what I found:

:: Young teenage girls who just hit puberty dressing up like those Japanese clowns with striped knee-high stockings and strange hairdo and equally strange outfit.

:: Young teenage boys with sex hormones raging in their bodies wearing ultra baggy jeans, barely hanging on to their flat butts, exposing their whatever boxers or underwear.

:: Young sexy hot girls in their 20s wearing what they wear most - sexy, low cut and body hugging dress complete with an Angelina Jolie pout. (trying to act sexy)

:: Mamas in their 40s wearing cute little dresses meant for young sexy hot girls, complete with a 'bombed' coloured hairdo! OH. This one sure gets to me. I can't believe they can actually walk out of their house putting that on! I feel so "pai-seh" just by looking at you... :p

Act your age and wear something your age. I'm not saying mamas in their 40s should wear auntie-like outfits, but my mum is in her late 50s and at least she wears decent clothes that makes her look elegant instead of portraying a look that screams MID-LIFE CRISIS!!!


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