Monday, December 3, 2007

Two things I am wearing now : Panties and bra

OH! My first tag...thanks my favourite Two Superheroes!
Time to get to know Supergirlfriend better now... :p

Here goes for my "Two Things Meme"..

1. Two names I go by: Call me Shirley or the world's most gorgeous woman alive!

2. Two things I am wearing now : Panties and bra (..under my clothes...don't think dirty eh! :p)

3. Two things I want (or have) in a relationship : A loving bf-cum-hubby and happiness all our lives

4. Two things I like to do : Shopping and gossiping!!!!!!! Haha...girls will be girls...

5. Two things I want very badly in these moments : I want a great, smashing holiday and lotsa good good food to keep me happy!

6. Two things I did last night : Stared at the pc while Superboyfriend did his programming stuff (*yawn!) and sleep! I'm a PIG!!! :p

7. Two things I ate today : Air and more air...I'm waiting for lunch!

8. Two persons I last spoke to : Superboyfriend and my colleague sitting next to me...

9. Two things I am doing tomorrow : Cook dinner & go to work (Ugh...)

10. Two favorite days of the week : Friday & Saturday! I love my weekends too....Don't like Sunday..because the next day is Monday already... :(

11. Two favorite holidays : Erm..Christmas because I love the holiday mood and the beautiful lights on the Xmas tree & New year's day because it's a new year! A new year = a new beginning!

12. Two favorite beverages : 7-UP Revive & Iced chinese tea!

13. Two things about me that you may not have known : Supergirlfriend IS a girl and she has a Superboyfriend... :p

14. Two jobs that I have had in my life : I was an editor and a writer (unbelievable ain't it? seeing how bit*hy I am..! Haha...)

15. Two movies I would watch over and over : Notting Hill & Never Been Kissed (I'm a sucker for romantic comedies!)

16. Two places that I have lived : Erm..I don't quite know how to answer this really.. :)

17. Two of my favorite food : Cantonese Fried Kuey Teow & Claypot tauhu (strange eh?!) :p

18. Two places I would rather be right now : Home and on my bed, comfortably under my fav blankey. Hehe..

Okay..with this, I would like to tag the following few..

Here goes the list of my favourite people!


She's Jess

Just Sewjin


L'abeille said...

Yay! We both love Fridays and Saturdays hehe.. You're right Sunday is never a good day.cos tomorrow is Monday :S

Supergirlfriend said...

hey l'abeille, haha..what can I say? Great minds think alike! :p

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