Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I love NUFFNANG & nuffnang loves me...


You see the Nuffnang ad on the right hand side of "Girls will be Girls"? That's my 1st iTalk Buddy ad, thanks to Nuffnang! OH, Love you guys!!

And I love the fact that the iTalk ad is actually in BRIGHT PINK! Which of course, is exactly the same colour theme as my blog, only in a different shade. Haha. Which makes me love you even more, Nuffnang. You understood my taste!

Love all the lovable, cute, caring, attentive, suuuuuuuuwit hamsom boys and pretty girls at Nuffnang! :p

Okay well. After expressing my ocean of love for Nuffnang, Asia's First Blog Advertising Community, Supergirlfriend is a lil' bit shy now. But keep it up, Nuffnang! Muaks.


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