Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hottest trend for end of 2007 - CHANGE NEW CARS!

People are sure getting richer and richer each day, or the banks are thriving on the loan and credit card business so much that they now give out loans easily. Over the past 2 months, Supergirlfriend has been seeing a steady increase in car number plates beginning with "WQ_ " in her office's car park.

"WQ_" number plates = brand new cars in KL

Wah...looks like the economy in Malaysia is looking much better than I previously thought. People are now adopting a new trend for the year. No, they are not changing their looks or their wardrobe. They are changing CARS!


It all started with the bosses getting their new Toyota Harrier and BMW 5 series respectively, then this lady got her new Toyota Vios, and came this new Suzuki Swift, and now someone just got this new Satria Neo. How amazing!

As far as I can remember, there was no salary increment (the bosses must've used up our $$ to buy new cars) so how the heck did they manage to support a car that comes with a hefty monthly payment of RM600-800? That's like a big half portion of their salary!

I'm happy with my Skyline baby for now. Don't wanna break the bank. :p



sharlydia said...

first time dropping by ur blog...interesting post u have there...

well i once was quite keen to change/upgrade my car to the new honda civic, but my hubby convinced me to stay with what we currently have...why? bcoz we can afford the new car, but may not afford the new petrol price after its increment beginning next year!

Supergirlfriend said...

hey, thanks sharlydia! Haha..come by more often then... :p

oh..that is so true. Petrol consumption is enough to kill most people now. The bigger the cars get, the thinner our purses become! Haha.. good decision there. :)

zewt said...

damn true... soon... the traffic jam will get worse and worse... all becos there are more cars on the road. anyway, proton needs to survive so...

Supergirlfriend said...

yeah, zewt...there's now like at least 2-3 cars for every household! Everyone is conveniently contributing to the jam...but what to's true what you said, proton needs to survive..Poor proton. :p

dreckker said...

you drive a Skyline??? which model?? R33 or R34??

I owes wanted to get a Skyline... but regretted not buying one when I was in Aussie, then bring it back... so freaking cheap over there... :(

Supergirlfriend said...

how abt a V35? nah..I was just kidding! haha.. *wink wink* let's keep it a secret ok? :p

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