Thursday, November 29, 2007

Working in a NIGHTCLUB ar?

Supergirlfriend can never understand why certain girls in her workplace would get all dressed up like a doll for work.

You think you work in a nightclub ar?

It's broad daylight and you plan to freak people out with your heavy make-up, complete with ultra high heels and supertight clothes (planning to be catwoman isit? *Meow...)

You planning to scare the hell out of people or you're seriously working part-time in a nightclub? C'mon, mama-san. Tell me..

I'm okay with people wearing 3-inch high heels if you're feeling shorty and you want that extra boost in height, or when the occasion requires you to do so. But when you're stuck in the office from 9-6 and that you would need to climb like 4 flights of steep stairs to get you to your working table?

I'm just waiting for the day you trip.
Call me evil. :p


Fashionasia said...

heh...i think this is turning into a bitching

Yatz said...

wah..really evil wo..but i like.hahaha

Supergirlfriend said...

haha..yeah, Fashionasia..this IS a bitching blog! :p
Yatz, yeah..I am evil.*meow* :p
Thanks for dropping by the both of you!

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