Thursday, November 29, 2007

Can you HANDLE this?

Not many people can handle this without looking like they've invested their entire fortune in it. What about you? *wink wink*

You see..imagine seeing a lady all dressed up in good-looking clothes, something exquisite that looks elegant on her. And then she carries a bag. More specifically, a Gucci tote. Okay, chances are, you are never gonna expect that she is actually carrying a fake Gucci even though she may well be carrying a fake one! :p

Now..let's change the scenario a little.

You see a lady dressed in clothes that look cheap and shabby, something that looks too casual to pull of a decent look on her. And then she carries a bag too. A Gucci tote. This time around, no prizes for guessing what others may think about that Gucci eh.


OR, worse still...even if people think that's a real one, they would most probably say "OH, the poor lady must've invested her life's fortune on that Gucci..poor thing!"

Most would think that way, wouldn't you?

If you don't have the right clothes to wear, don't carry a Gucci tote, ok? People would think it's a fake! And that makes you look bad. Seriously.


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