Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Adventures in an Oil Rig

I can never accept the idea of a girl working on an oil rig.


Coincidentally, one of my best friends claims that she is moving "forward" in her career when she recently got accepted by a renowned oil & gas company to work in an oil rig in East Malaysia. With high pay and opportunity to work far from traffic jam.

Moving forward eh?

Seems more like sinking into the depths of the unknown for me.

The dirt, the frequent fire drills, the damned uniform, the hazards, the constant danger, the lack transportation (what? helicopters?), the zero shopping (what? shopping for more uniforms??!!), it's practically the life of a slave!

I was horrified when she told me abt her plans. And she sounded proud abt her achievements!

I pitied her.

For the impending disastrous life she's about to face. What triggered her to make such a decision!? It's a mystery.

I guess the $$ must've played a large part.

But there's no free lunch in the world, girl. Wake up.



Mun said...

May be I am outdated, but I thought girls are not allowed to work at offshore oil rig?

Supergirlfriend said...

Got me wondering too..I hope they didn't mistook her for a HE! I mean..she's got a boycut hairdo and all but...

Haha..just kidding! :p

Tolantino said...


Reading your post was actually quite funny and it made me realize how little people know of the number of females who have worked and are continually working on oil rigs, both on land and offshore. I for one just joined and oilfield servicing company and as of the time I am typing this message, sitting on an offshore rig in eastern India. True that this job is dirty and messy. Not only that, it is also highly demanding with sleepless nights and pressure from every angle. There is no room for lagging behind due to the tremendous amount of dollars oil companies pay to rent oil rigs on a daily basis. You are probably thinking all the more reason why a girl should not be in such an environment. There definitely has to be something more than the $$ keeping women on the rig. Some girls are driven. This is a job like no other which would push you to your limits and help you survive in situations which would almost break others. This is why the girls who work on rigs are so special. There are some Arab countries which don’t allow girls on rigs also, some rigs are just too crude and they don’t allow girls on them but more often than not, oil rigs will accommodate any girl who has enough balls to step up to the plate. I also try to keep a blog of my experiences. Hope this has shed some more light on the topic.


Supergirlfriend said...

Hi Tolantino, good to hear from a girl who actually works on an oil rig. Thanks for giving us a detailed insight on how life goes on a rig...Many people are still unaware abt it. Make sure you take good care of yourself when on the rig, ok? :)

lightweight said...

Your friend should be bloody proud of herself for being hired on an offshore rig. I have worked onshore for 2 years as a roughneck, and it's not been a walk in the park. That particular company actually fired me today based on rumors. I also was hired on by an offshore drilling contractor as a Safety Advisor in SE Asia, only to be denied the job by the big boys upstairs because of the "male" attitude as i was told. This job may not be glamorus, but it is rewarding and can be pretty fun sometimes. Disastrous life? That's relative. Being a roughneck has gotten me through university, paid off previous depts, affored me loads of travel, and taught me an awefull lot about myself and the behavior of men. The only reason girls shouldn't be on rigs, is the attitude that girls should't be on rigs. (if that makes sense?) That is what makes it a nightmare for us.
I hope your friend has much success on rigs or not. xxj

Supergirlfriend said...

hi lightweight, thanks for sharing with me about life onshore. I can see and understand that it's never a stroll in the park working in a male-dominated environment. But then again, what can't kill you will only make you stronger rite? :)

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