Saturday, May 10, 2008

The story of my favourite pants

I have to say that I'm seriously not a skirt person because the amount of pants I have in my closet could easily outnumber whatever little pieces of skirt left hidden in some dark corner, by fifty to one.

I just feel more comfortable walking around in my favourite pair of capri pants rather than in some stylish chic dress that would have probably made me even more drop-dead gorgeous (haha!). But comfy's the issue for me. And when it comes to my favourite pants, I literally live with it, eat with it, run with it, dance with it and so much more.


Nothing can part me from my Dockers' capri pants!! Haha. You can always check out the Dockers Store Online for the latest in store... because that's where I usually go to look for new arrivals. Love them all!

And when I'm in love with what I'm wearing, it naturally gives me the confidence to start the day as well. Which is really why I wear it from morning, all the way till it leaves me into the laundry basket in the evening. So despite all the walking and running with those pants, it will never be worn out when there's me, constantly making sure that it's receiving its daily dose of tender loving care.

So that's it, that's the story of my favourite pants! If you have your own stories to tell (which I'm pretty sure you have!), why not go for the Dockers contest and take on the role as the actor-director-producer for your own video documenting your own stories of your pants? Haha.

Get prepared for some serious fun here! Yeah, so once it's all done, you can then submit your videos to the Dockers TV Commercial Contest and stand a chance to win! It's that simple.

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karab said...

Have you seen this latest Dockers contest submission? Hysterical!

Supergirlfriend said...

As a matter of fact, I haven't, actually. Haha.. maybe I should go take a peek huh, karab.

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