Saturday, May 10, 2008

What happens when you cook for your mum?

I was talking about celebrating Mother's Day previously, and just as I had almost run out of ideas on what to give my mum... a sudden thought struck my mind! :p

Mum, shall I cook for you? *grins*

Over the past few years, we would celebrate Mother's Day with a cake, and during my kiddie years till my schooling years, I would include a hand-made card as well for mum. But now too lazy lah to play around with coloured pens (or even colour pencils!)

But this year, I got kinda bored with the cakes in Secret Recipe. Balik balik the same ol' cakes. Jelak. So, perhaps a meal for mum then? Mum, what do you say about this? (I know my mum's not going to read this! Hah!)

So it's going to be a surprise then! Mum... prepare yourself for a feast!! :p

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