Saturday, May 10, 2008

If you like horror movies, you're going to like Frontier(s)!

If you're one of those who relish for horror movies, I'm sure you're going to like this one. Frontier(s) was actually deemed too horrific for mainstream theaters, and this movie is unrated, which would make it a film that is quite likely to be ridden with controversials.


I just caught the Trailer for this movie, and if I hadn't muted the volume, I don't think I'd still be able to sleep tonight. The thing about horror movies like Frontier(s) is that, the music plays really deep into your feelings and gives you the chills you (don't) need when you watch movies that are laden with blood, gruesome scenes, more blood, and endless screams.

Judging from Frontier(s) trailer, I know I'm going to need a pillow to hug and plant my screams in. I mean, merely shutting your eyes when watching movies like Frontier(s) just isn't enough! Haha. Which is why I don't usually run to the nearest theater the moment a horror movie is showing. I have really faint heart! I don't think I can make it past the entire movie without having bouts of endless nightmares later on.

But I'm sure a friend of mine would certainly go for Frontier(s). She's like the ultimate horror movie fan who would sit through any horror movie without blinking an eye (because she doesn't want to miss any scenes!).

And since Frontier(s) is such a disturbing movie to watch, it's only shown in selected theaters. From what I can see from the theater listings, none of the theaters are actually near where I am! OH, I would have loved to drag that friend of mine to watch it together... I really want to find out how this movie is "too horrific for mainstream theaters"!

Oh, for more on the movie Frontier(s) or even on other horror movies, you can also check out Bloody-Disgusting, your No.1 source for all things horror. *grins*

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