Saturday, May 10, 2008

This Sunday is Mother's Day!

Well, for those uninitiated, this coming Sunday is Mother's Day...


I know it isn't Sunday yet, but what the heck?! Haha. I've got many things running round my mind at this very moment. Should I make my way back, splash some moolah on some luxurious (but overpriced!) meal with my mum OR should I just stay put in KL and wait for the Mother's Day fever to die off and only celebrate with her next week?

I still haven't got my thinking through yet. I'm a rather indecisive girl you see. Haha. Ah...If only I can bake cakes or even cupcakes like dear Y, that would have solved much of the problem.

Sifoo Y, when I'm a little bit more free, I'll start bugging you to teach me some baking skills already yeah... *wink wink* :p

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