Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The power of Edu Text Links

I've not always been very a very internet savvy kind of person all along. But I do know that building links, or more specifically building incoming links is one of the keys to boost the ranking of a website in search engines. The more inbound links a page has, the more popular the page is measured to be. And we all know that search engines place high interest in popular pages.

For those of you, especially owners of web-based business or webmasters who somehow hadn't caught on the buzz about all these Search Engine Optimization (SEO) frenzy yet, it's really high time that you do so. And the wonderful thing about this is you can now get experts chipped in to help you in building those valuable links!

And not just any links I would say. Edutextlink is a link building and link development strategists who can help you with building hugely valuable edu links. Now why edu links? These links are more highly priced due to its higher authority than your usual .com, .net or even .org in helping to beautifully position your website on search engines.

If you hadn't already known, major search engines like Google and Yahoo have the tendency to value both .edu and .gov links much more than all your common links. For one, there are far less .edu or even .gov websites than .com,.net or .org websites (which you can find in abundance). Secondly, in order to actually obtain those domains, you must be a registered educational institution or government agency to get one. Furthermore, these education websites are most likely to be over a decade old and have already established itself with thousands of incoming links.

And we all know how much trouble it is to actually get our hands on even one link from a .edu domain (yes, you can go check with any SEO experts on this one!). But over at Edutextlink, you can leave all the worries to these professionals and they will be the one going through all the trouble for you so that you can build effective links for your website. Go check them out!

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