Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Watching movies is like taking drugs

This is why I love watching movies. At times when you're just so bothered by all the worldly things that are happening around your life, you just wanna find some peace and quiet and escape from all the lingering thoughts in your mind.

Now this is where movies actually work for me. Haha. Not that now I'm absolutely some troubled soul or anything, but I just enjoy the temporary "escape from reality" relief whenever I'm into a movie. When I watch a movie, I don't just watch a movie. I immerse my entire mind and soul into the characters inside and really feel for them.

And that takes my mind off things. So for 2 hours or so, I get to actually be someone else! Haha. So watching movies for me is kinda like taking drugs as a matter of fact. Not in the bad addiction sense or the getting "high" feeling, but just the "escape from reality" factor which I absolutely adore! Haha.

Now let's move on to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Time to be Indie! Haha. Oh can't wait to watch this! :p

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