Friday, May 16, 2008

Girls gain weight when they are happy

I suppose you could say I'm generalizing the entire female race in this context but when you come to think about it, there's actually truth behind it. In fact, I think even the male species suffer from this syndrome too! Haha.

Most people would actually start gaining weight when they are in cloud number 9. Many examples around me seem to point towards that direction too. I've got a good friend who just hooked up with the man of her life and she claims she's actually starting to get chubbier and all.

And I believe her really. Haha. Because of late, she has been taking pictures only from certain angles! Deja-vu, really. Because that's exactly what I've been doing!! :p
I'm sure most would realize that if you were to take photos 45 degrees looking up, your face would be angled in such a way that makes you look as if you've just lost 10kg almost that instant!

True or not? Haha. :p


sisterofheaven said...

ahaha! dont think so lahh..
am horribly sad all the time,
still gaining weight.. ahaha!

XD i think its the feeling we feel when facing the food - brings us to cloud nine.. ahaha!!

then we eat and eat and eat..

damn.. XD

Supergirlfriend said...

Yeah..I understand what you're saying. There are some friends of mine, when they get upset, they overindulge in food too! DON'T DO THAT!! Haha. It's bad...

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