Saturday, May 10, 2008

You can't even afford RM50?

Supergirlfriend encountered a really hilarious (in a cynical way) situation last night. You see, I have this friend of mine whom I don't really want to be associated with but whose affiliation with me would garner some useful insight into something that would benefit me. So this friend asked for my help last night.

It wasn't such a big deal of a help to be frank. I could've gotten the job done in a blink of an eye because the job that needed to be done was something of my profession. So I quoted him a price for the job, RM50. Now the thing is, I couldn't imagine someone having to travel all the way to the bank just to deposit anything lesser than RM50. Think RM10 and you'll see why both his effort (and mine as well!) isn't worth it.

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I suppose he was expecting me to charge RM10, or even better do it for free, but a job is still a job. And he's not exactly a friend whom I would truly call a friend, if you get what I mean here. So RM50 was a fair deal, as the price was already way below the market price for the job.

To my surprise, this was what he replied.

"Sorry but I have already found an English teacher who is willing to do it voluntarily for me. Next time you should consider charging a better rate"

I didn't go like "what the fcuk", instead I can't help but laugh. Haha. How could someone who is running a supposedly big money-making business in Damansara couldn't even afford RM50, and was childish enough to reply me in such a manner. OMG. What a joke!

Hey, come to think about it, maybe he's not exactly making money huh. Hahahahahha...


Jasonmumbles said...

Who? :D I want to know, seriously.

Supergirlfriend said...

Hmm...the fella's shop is in Damansara Uptown, doing some business in education. Really stingy guy, this one. Tsk tsk tsk...

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