Saturday, May 10, 2008

This is my style, what's yours?

When it comes to fashion trends, Nicole Kidman is my true fashion icon. No one embodies the definition of classic fashion style other than the talented and absolutely gorgeous actress. A true fashion icon in every sense, you can hardly ever catch her in mismatched outfits or in any fashion faux paus.

Nicole Kidman would amaze you with her tremendous sense of fashion, with stylish hairdos to silky smooth bareback dresses. And as for me, my fashion style evolves around only 2 matters - simplicity and comfort. I have never fancied anything extravagant in designs, and I'm basically a T-shirt and capri pants type of girl.


And I'm one who's absolutely crazy over Dockers pants too -- especially their capri pants! Well, if you are interested in what Dockers have to offer in their clothing line, you can always check out the Dockers Online store.

And if you don't already know, you can create a TV commercial for the Dockers contest, which can feature a Dockers' version of your own fashion trend and stand a chance to win big! So this is where your fashion sense comes into play, where you get to play both as the actor and director for the video! Enjoy where your creativity and passion in fashion drives you because I believe everyone has their own taste in fashion.

Sponsored by Dockers

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