Thursday, May 15, 2008

When you cannot lead, you become a burden

If you truly know me personally, I can be quite critical at times. I appreciate any opportunity to learn from people who can teach me things I don't already know. I love learning from people who can enlighten me and give me the positive energy to move forward.

But what I despise the most are people who are coming to be parasites. Yes, sounds harsh but it's still the word that I'm going to use here. If you cannot move the same pace as I am when as a matter of fact we have the exact same roles to play, then you are a parasite, a burden. Let's not even talk about the unfulfilled pledges.

Some people just don't realize the harshness of the reality out there. Life isn't a bed of roses. It can be, occasionally. But not all the time. When it should have been time for you to do something strong and meaningful in your life and you didn't, then you are just another one of those punks on the street who prefers running away from reality and living a pretentious life.

So once again I would say this. If you cannot prove yourself to be strong enough, then you are a burden. Do something about it.

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