Thursday, May 8, 2008

Change is difficult

Something that happened to my best sister today reminds me of a saying, that "change is difficult". No one likes things to change. Most people like getting comfortable in their own comfort zone. But the thing about change is that, it will never stop. Whether you like it or not, there will always be changes.

No one's life is ever stagnant and remains the same forever. And throughout your lifetime, there is always bound to have this constant change happening in your life which will eventually shape you to be who you are today. Someone once told me, "You are who you are today, because of the things you did 5 years ago"

And there is absolute truth to that. The fact that I've changed from a timid little girl, to a popular sweet young thing, to pure anonymity, and finally to one that embraces freedom and individuality is a result of the events that took place in my life over the years. No one said that change is easy. You just need time to adapt to it. And then, you'll be fine.


Be strong, sis!

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