Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm on the American Idol marathon - help!

Since Friday, Star World has been running a marathon of the latest season of American Idol, as a recap before the grand finale this coming Wednesday. And you know what? That's really great for me because I've been struggling to catch up on my missing episodes because Superboyfriend and I only return home to Astro once in every fortnight!

So you can imagine how many episodes I actually missed! Haha. So Star World has been running the entire season all day long actually, and I've been sitting in front of the tv (not now, of course!) from the time the sun comes up till when night falls. Amazing, isn't it? American Idol fanatic.

I totally missed the entire last season because I gradually lost interest in this whole Idol thingee ever since Taylor Hicks was crowned the American Idol a few seasons ago. Bleark. No offence because that man can sure sing and entertain, but somehow he's forgettable. And I skipped Jordin Sparks last season, but now, this season with sooooo many great talents have got me glued to the Idols fanatism once again! Haha. :p

Oh yeah.... Go David Archuleta and David Cook! I'm rooting for the both of you guys!! Haha.

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