Monday, May 19, 2008

I love SocialSpark!

This is a sponsored post.

SocialSpark, the latest innovation by the people over at IZEA is now live! And I became part of the big family at SocialSpark just recently. Come check out my profile! Haha. When I first joined SocialSpark, seriously, I didn't place any expectations on what this place can deliver.

But everything about SocialSpark is somehow positively different. I've got no complaints - from their ethics, their amazingly user-friendly website, all the way to the massive amount of opportunities in SocialSpark. What's most important for me, or as a matter of fact, for every blogger is that, each sponsored link in SocialSpark would automatically carry the "no-follow" attribute to protect bloggers from search engine penalties when writing paid reviews.

And when I had signed up with SocialSpark, it actually did help to drive some traffic into my blog through the community within. Yes, you can actually build your own community of friends in SocialSpark! I've already got a bunch of new friends such as The Captain who was actually the first one to offer his friendship when I first started my journey with SocialSpark.

I simply love every single thing about SocialSpark because I genuinely felt it completes whatever elements the other similar blog advertising or blog marketing websites were lacking. Though there has really been a lot of opportunities so far in SocialSpark on a very regular basis, I do hope that more and more advertisers would gradually be roped in to advertise in SocialSpark. Yeah! Haha.

But on the whole, SocialSpark has been really good to me, feeding me with an abundance of opportunities in the monetary sense. And I would like to thank SocialSpark for that! And even though I'm being paid to write this, I truly recommend SocialSpark because I honestly know that you can never go wrong with it!

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