Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Coach, Burberry, Gucci, Chanel or LV?

Ohhh... which one which one???
Haha. My bro just called earlier this morning from his place in Florida and offered to buy me a bag!!! Haha. Before we ended the call, I specifically told him to REMEMBER to get something for me when he makes his way back to Malaysia next month. Seems like a long time some more eh?

And just then he mentioned that he just bought a Coach sling bag for my future sis-in-law. I want.......!!! Haha. And he actually asked me to browse through for the exact model I want online and send the details over to him and he'll buy it!!

You know...maybe this Burberry Beaton Bag?? Haha. No lah....this is expensive.. :p

You da man! Oh, one more thing bro, if you're reading this, remember to get something for Mummy too, ok. You know, maybe more lotions, a WATCH *hint hint*, things like that...

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