Monday, May 5, 2008

I just got myself a new bag!

Yeah, since my precious L.O.V.E actually died on me after serving me faithfully for almost 2 whole years, I decided to get myself a brand new bag. Haha.

I just gotta have my totes!! Haha. It just doesn't feel comfortable going anywhere without carrying my stuff in my big big bag. And so, just as I was going to buy a brand new bag, my darling mum just gave me a new bag! So sweet of her...

Okay, the bottom part looks something like this... haha :p

And I absolutely love the bag! It's light metallic gold and shaped like really fat balloon tote! Absolutely stunning. I love it! Thanks, mum...! *hugs* My mum has great taste, and she's sometimes even more fashionable than I am. Haha. :p

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